Hi All,

I hope that your holiday season is going well. I am in the middle of a flare the plaques are getting bad on my scalp and hands, constant swelling in my index finger joints ankles and feet. Neck is NOT HAPPY at all! I think I may end up calling the doctor but I am trying hard to hold out. With having a total of 6 people living in a 1400sq ft home (three of them teen girls) I am constantly being bombarded with germs. I starting teaching again this fall (YEAH) but with that I am also exposed to illness from around the Treasure Valley so I am very reluctant on going on a dose of pred or adding mtx. I am trying to stay positive but last night was a two major pain med night as well as double doses of muscle relaxents. Feeling very foggy headed today and slightly dizzy and I have to teach today.. LOL Well thanks for letting me rant a bit. It is hard to rant to my family as they don't really know what this stupid disease does to people quite like you all do! So thanks for the support and have a very Merry Christmas!

Hey fiddlinchick!

Hang in there! Get your PsA, neck and P flare checked out. There may be some temporary fixes (that aren't mtx or pred). I've been avoiding the pain meds as much as possible because of the fuzzy head. Pain makes it hard to function. Fuzzy brain makes it hard to work. It is a tough trade-off to have to weigh, isn't it?

Peace to you in your full house of rampaging youths!