Hi everyone

Its been awhile since I have been on. I have been feeling like run over dog dodo thanks to the MTX increased dose and seem to be struggling with depression and insomnia.

I just saw the dermatologist yesterday and since she got to see me at the very end of a healing stage from the latest skin flare, she doesnt think I have psoriasis. She is saying I have eczema. I by no means am a doctor, but I have compared my skin issues to my dad's (he also has PsA) and various pictures on medical sites and while in the flare, I definatley looked exactly like dad and all the pics. I was told to not come back until im in a flare. Guess its my fault I have found a lotion / mouisturizing / exfoliation routine that is working great for my skin finally! She didnt even do the biopsy that the rheumy wanted!

I go back to the Rheumy next week and we need to seriously talk about discontinuing the MTX, figuring out which other med he wants to put me on (enbrel or humera per my last visit, and I'm having a hard time deciding which one), help finding some type of pain management medication to tide me over until we figure out what works, and help with my poor little fingers. Also going to see about an antidepressant with my pcp when i see her first of the year!

I know that several of my fingers and both thumbs suffer from trigger finger / thumb, but holy crap this is crazy pain! For about the last 3 weeks I wake up in the night with horrible pain especially in my right thumb, and it is usually in the bent position. It will not release voluntary or involuntary. Eventually later in the morning it usually releases and just will not bend during the day. This morning it pulled a new trick. It finally released, but immediately bent again with no movement from me. I waited until it released and used a sport tape to keep it straight for the day. I have a wrist splint with abducted thumb on its way, and cannot wait (should be here tomorrow or thursday). I am dealing with the pain everywhere else that just seems to be increasing instead of getting better, but the pain in my poor little fat fingers is enough to drive me to drinking (would not be good on MTX haha).

Oh well, sorry to vent, just thought I would give an quick update and see how everyone was doing. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying getting into the holiday spirit. (wont be much of a holiday here again, with no money and living in a 5th wheel travel trailer, there just isn't extra room for christmas decorations)

On a bright note, my mom and dad are going to renovate their garage so hubby and I can move in there. With me getting where i cannot do some of the physical things that need done to live in our trailer, I am hoping this will be a huge help! I wont have to load up our black water or propane tanks to fill / empty. We wont have any stairs at their place either (here we have stairs at the front door and into the bedroom and they just kill my knees).

You said you have trigger fingers/thumbs. The splints should work. . . If not, you may need to consider cortisone shots. Trigger fingers aren't too uncommon with PsA and other inflammatory diseases.

It sounds like you're making some nice progress in terms of medication changes and moving to an easier environment. Good for you.

Great to hear from you Filly! Wish you were feeling better, but that is great news about your living accommodations. Thanks for checking in!