Is this a flair

I don’t know if this is what is considered a flare or not but holy crap it feels like the bottom has fallen out and no matter what I do or don’t do I can’t find any relief. I am use to my regular pain and discomfort but this is something on a whole new level that I have never experienced before. I am caught up in a vicious cycle of being extremely tired and fatigued with moderate to severe pain throughout most my body that gets worse when I sit or lay down. I can only go to bed or lay down when I am dropping with sleep and then I can only sleep for a couple hours before the pain in my lower back, legs and feet has me awake and once awake I have to get up to help ease the pain. Now both my shoulders are so sore its hard to move my arms and it hurts to turn my head to the left and I only have limited movement. I have increased swelling from my knees to my ankles on both legs and also on my right forearm. My hands and fingers are more swollen than usual. This started happening a week or so ago and I tried to work through it for a few days at work, until I knew I couldn’t do it anymore and took some much needed vacation time. I thought being at home and getting some proper rest might make a difference but after being honme for a few days I feel worse now than I did last week, the newest symptom that started yesterday is the dizziness and lightheadedness that I get while doing nothing at all. My family doctor is out of town aand my rheumy hasn’t returned my call, I don’t want to go to the er as I have no idea how to tell the doctor how im feeling. This isn’t normal for me, not even close. Is it for any of you?

Sounds like a flare to me! For me the difference between a flare and overdoing it is that if I've overdone it, I rest for a day or two and feel better. If I'm in a flare, all the rest in the world isn't going to do any good and things usually just continue to get worse.

I've gone to the ER a couple times in the past six months with really bad flares (that of course happened on weekends!). Both times I had issues moving my neck and once couldn't lift my arms the pain and swelling was so bad. They gave me pain meds, muscle relaxers and prednisone and told me to follow up with my rheumy. I'm in a flare now (Remi infusion tomorrow, thank God!), and called my rheumy, who called in a predi bust for me.

I hope you find relief soon.

Oh, Easternlady, that’s miserable. If your family doc is out of town, you might just have to go to the ER. I’m concerned about your lightheadedness. Maybe get that checked out: the last thing you need is an injury from a fall.
Take care and rest.

I'd say, if the rheumy won't return your calls, he/she is not YOUR rheumy. You should seek another.

My rheumy gave me a prescription for steroids to take when I feel a flare coming on. Most of the time it's all I need. But every once in a while, I experience a flare-up so bad that I have to go see him and get some hydrocodone to get me thru.

You’re absolutely right, Lar, but I think Easternlady lives in a part of the world where rheumies are few and far between, and the time between referral and appointment is at least six months. Her family doc should be back by then. :wink:

Your right Seenie, my rheumy is an hours drive away and the next one to that is across the island 8 hours away. Unfortunately we don't get to choose our doctors or our specialists because they are so limited, we take what is offered or we go without. With that said, my rheumy did call me earlier today and she upped my prednisone and also put me on celebrex, I am waiting for it too kick in and feel some relief. Will be so nice to get a nights sleep and some relief from this torment. nym,I hope you are feeling some relief as I write this, keeping you and all the folks on this site in my prayers

When I was suffering as much as you the pain and inflammation caused my heart to fibrillate (atrial fib) dwhich cause light headedness and dizzyness. I didnt know it was happening until I checked my pulse one day and found the beat irregular and very fastthis also made even more fatigued than usual. I still find a bad flare can make this happen. Worth checking your pulse

I’m sorry for all your pain. I have been going through the same thing for about 6 months. I have found some relief by going into a pool and gust floating around on a noodle. The water supplies cool relief to all my swollen parts and takes the weight off my joints. Also get gentle exercise moving around in pool. Since I started going most of the swelling in my hands and feet is much better. Got to warn you though, it is hard to climb out and start putting weight on your joints again.
I hope you can find relief somewhere. I had my first remicade infusion today. I’m hoping it will provide more permanent relief soon.

Sounds like you are big time flaring! Don't wait go to the Doctor! Can you go get a massage? Are you extra stressed? Try a Epsom salt bath?

If dizziness and lightheadedness dont stop, go to ER.