First time Blog ! Here Goes

Well today has been rough, slept about an hour last night, love when that happens, and been very stiff today, I know that weather is having a great impact on this, but what can you do! Most days I try to stay possitive, the hardest thing in all this is the impact it has had on me as a person, my faith, and the way people percieve me to be. We that suffer, understand that pain and sometimes loneliness that accompanies PA, our families try to handle with care, at times it can be just as hard on them. But I am blessed to have the family I have, they are wonderful !!!

I was 14, when the doctor first told me I was going to have arthritis, and then at the age of 22, psoriasis hit, and I had my first major flare up 6 months after the birth of my twins, I could not get out of bed, or up from a chair, when I would change there diapers, I would use my teeth to undo the tape, because I had no force in my hands. That was the worst flare up I ever had to date, it lasted almost 6 months and I though it was never going to change. I remember crying so much, I had a four year old and 6 month old twins. So this is the beginning of my story of PA ..I also have Fybriomyagia and Diabetes, and I am unemployed at the moment, but normally work full time.

My heart goes out to you I will definitely pray for you

I sometimes find it hard to look after just me and my husband ...... i carnt begin to think how much harder it is for you with such young children. take care and look after yourself too !! xx

Well that was many years ago, I was explaining how hard it was in the beginning of it, I am kinda using my blog to tell my story and then and now. Today my oldest is 26 and my twins are 22. They are wonderful, and bring me strenght to face the world, when times get really hard, and pain gets overwhelming, I guess my children know and they just find ways to make me laugh, smile and feel proud to have been blessed with them. Thank you , we all need to take good care of our selves, I guess this site is part of that, talk soon ! Hugs!