New Friends

I feel like joining this group has saved my life. I finally feel like someone, (many someones) understand me and what I am going through!

When I found this group I was feeling very alone and very down. No one around me understood fully what I am going through. My family tries, but it is just inconceivable that I have something that isn't going to go away. My co\workers don't understand when I am so tired I can't even think. If I try to explain to them how I am feeling, they tell me how they have it so much worse. I know that they didn't really listen or understand. It is so hard having a disease that doesn't really show. One that everyone thinks is just from old age because it has the work arthritis in it. I get the impression from those around me that I should just "suck it up" and keep going cause it is all part of getting older. I keep trying to do a full eight hours, taxi the kids to where they need to be, take college classes in the evening and still find time for laundry, and household chores. I think trying to do all this is what is making me so down.

I've decided that something has to give! I'm just not sure what, but I'm not feeling so down anymore. I know I can keep going. Thanks for being here everyone. If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you too!