Feeling down

Been feeling so down today body in so much agony no painkiller helps. Nobody really understands what I am going through and im slowly feeling more and more depressed.

Hi kblondon!

I'm sorry you're having the agony today. I understand how you feel; I have been suffering silently this month as I am in the middle of changing pain management meds. Been at it for almost 4 weeks and so far not much comfort and no sleep almost every night. I feel so bad for my husband as I have kept him up all week too.

I felt quite depressed on Tuesday that I didn't leave the house, (not even to get the kids from school) and that continued on to today. Its hard when we are in pain to try to find good things to feel good about and being tired just adds to the body's exhaustion. Last week (worst week I had in a log time) I had periods of questioning my existance, I know my family "needs" me but sometimes they would greatly benefit if I wasn't here I have thought off and on for a few years.

I bought myself a heated throw blanket from Costco over the internet on Wed.; it came today and it gave me some "whole" body relief tonight. I can see this "blankie" going just about everywhere with me. Sure beats the 3-4 heating pads I was trying to use.

I hope you have some comfort tonight and into tomorrow. I'll share my "warmy blankie" with you if I could :)

Keep in touch and post how you're doing!

I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. It is hard when nobody "gets it". It's not a disease that they can see or one they have big fundraisers to fund research and find cures for. I think even my husband gets sick of me saying "I hurt so much today" or "I am so stiff", or "I didn't sleep at all last night". It's so nice to have found this group of people who truly understand that some days just plain hurt and suck. Along the lines of Anne Marie's heated "blankey" I found a heated mattress pad that really helps with the stiffness at night while you try to sleep. It had dual controls so my hubby didn't have to have his side "hot" like me.

Hang in there honey!

Lainee B.