Do you ever feel like your not yourself anymore?,after a couple of bad days I’m at all time low everyone is doing things around me and I can’t. I can’t see no end to this.When l have a good day I’m so positive but bad days are more often I no longer feel myself.I hate being this way.You all seem so strong,I’m loosing it.I know you all can’t really help me I’m unsure why I’m posting or even joined a group to start with.I even feel bad moaning when your all feeling the same rubbish as me

Hi Miss S, I have been there too. Believe me, I feel small & weak so very often. I mentioned it to my doctor and she gave me antidepressants (Effexor) and it has made a world of difference. I needed those pills – plus, talking with a nice therapist & this group. Once I felt better, I learned that these sad feelings are increased by the meds we have to take, plus our situation where our lives have changed so suddenly & we are just not ready.

Moan & groan here ALL you can. We want to hear it & it helps others who are feeling low to know they are not alone. You will have good days soon. On bad days, try to get sunshine & find a comforting thing to enjoy - a bird’s song, a favorite cd, etc. We are here for you.

I had a weird situation yesterday where I didnt feel like myself. I felt weak and spaced out however I had not taken any medication. I was very concerned about it and talked it over with my wife. She suggested I was just tired but I dont think it was that.

hahhahhahha! I'm not so strong and with it. Last night I burst into tears (I was just achey, and tired, and hadn't had enough energy to shower and it was 8pm and I lost it). I wanted someone to make me soup and tuck me in bed. Instead I had to get the kids going on bedtime and play games and stuff (it's the start of spring break). Blergh.

There are so many ups and downs with this disease, I try and take it one hour at a time. If I look too far into the future it's too overwhelming. In fact, I try and not focus on the disease much at all, it is definitely secondary for me, and dealing with kids and life is my priority. I take whatever meds I need to keep it secondary (antidepressants, pain meds, biologics, whatever else I need at the time).

Hang in there! I've been at this 31 years and I'm still kicking :)

ps: the only way I've gotten through the past 15 years so well is due to internet support groups! They kept me connected when I was stuck at home. I've some internet friends I've never met but am close with for 15 years now. Real people, no matter how far away they live, make a huge difference if they understand.

Amen Marietta, you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I am myself and sometimes not so much. A good cry can be very healing as can a shower and an early night.

Miss S

Sometimes just venting out your fustrations on this site can be somewhat of a help and we all have had lots of days like you are experiencing now. I like the fact that you are posting your emotions on this site, it shows you do want help and you do find this group a support. Often times by focusing on someone else, we can put our bad feelings aside for a while which gives us a break from our own problems, therefore by talking to others on here who are going through a rough patch helps everyone on this site so please dont feel bad about posting how you feel. There are alot of intelligent folks on here with great advice, listen to them and find what will work for you from the abundant of advice and suggestion that will be offered to you. Just remember, it will get better, these lows do not last forever.