I'm feeling a bit better

Its been forever since I've been able to get on here. I honestly cant believe how long its been. My arthritis had gotten massively worse. (in my spine, foot, shoulders, ect) and I couldn't get out of bed. They ended up putting me on remicade and so I can actually walk again. Gone back to taking photos so life is starting to look up. Being stuck in bed for months is not a great place to be. People are always like "I wish I could stay in bed forever" haha no you don't. But now that my joints aren't hurting as bad I can actually get some sleep at night. The only down side is the NEEDLE ): but ill get over that eventually

KCC! So glad to hear from you, but what you’ve gone through is really awful. I’m sorry. Still, it’s good that you are telling your tale and even better, that you are starting to do some of the normal things again, like taking photos.

Keep us posted on how things are with you. The blog feature is going to diaappear from this site soon, but there will always be a way for you to stay in touch. Fighter’s just come back this weekend as well. Have you talked to her?

I was so pleased to see your profile pic too, and then I read your post & my heart sank. What on earth has been happening?

Very glad to hear that things are looking up. I expect you're going to be busy taking photos & generally making up for lost time. But if you get time & feel like it please let us know more about this ordeal you have had, if it helps that is.

@sybil ill expand more in the morning its 12am while I'm reading this and unfortunately I have a busy day tomorrow

@seenie I havent talked to her yet. First day back. Do you know why the blog feature will be going away? Im going to miss it

I ended up typing it out anyway while i had the topic on my mind :P @sybil