First Blog Post

I thought about starting a blog. Just a place where I could place my thought. Nice that this forum has that option. Thanks!

I've had PsA since I was young. My earliest memories are of my knees hurting. They hurt all the time. I also was told I had eczema, but from current knowledge, it was psoriasis. Saw several doctors once I was on my own, they all had no idea what was wrong with me. Today, I have been diagnosed with PsA for a year now. After finding a good doctor and reading all I could about PsA, it all my sense. My whole life with pain! In that, I am happy.

I am currently taking Enbrel and it seems to be working. I'll know more in a few months. Crossing my fingers.

I am a stay at home mom now. I used to own a greeting card and wedding invitation company. It was great! I took online orders and attending crafts shows and markets. I loved it. Once my son was born premature, I closed the business. It wasn't doing well per the IRS and I didn't have the time now that preemie baby was home. He was a lot of work. That's when I noticed more pain and patches, after the stress worn off from the premature birth and two months in the NICU. My body handled the stress during that time, but then it gave in. I saw my Rheumy and he gave me some meds to used. I lost my second child at 20 weeks due to a not compatible with life diagnosis. That was the longest 20 weeks of my life. In and out of the hospital every week. Scans and bedrest, plus while having a 3 year old. My PsA really took a hit then. It was a 6 month flare. Flaring and mourning is not something I recommend. I was depressed. I lost a third baby at 10 weeks about 6 months later. Then I knew, it was time to get my health in check. Without the fear of what medications would do to a baby, I made an appointment and haven't looked back.

Today, I am very happy with our son. He is my joy. I know if he wasn't here, some days would be harder to deal with. His little smile lights up my life! I love him so much. I know he is also my miracle child. He fought long and hard to live, to be here. I can fight that hard too! My hubs is also very supportive. I am lucky in that. Though some days I think he deserves better. Poor guy. That's why I need to get healthy! For me, but also for my family.

Amielynn, a story tinged with sadness but also great joy :-)

Wow, great attitude, amielynn! The only thing I'd change is your comment that some days you think your husband deserves better. Nope, sounds like he has the best to me! Don't sell yourself short because you have a disease and your health isn't perfect. You have determination and a good outlook--and, nobody knows what the future holds (we can't take good health for granted--even those who seem to have perfect health today).
So glad for you your little boy fought hard--together you all fought hard for him to live! It was meant to be! Sounds like you have a very good little family and together you can tackle anything life sends your way! :-)

Thanks Grandma and Jules :)