Feeling disheartened

Ever feel someone you knew was a real friend someone you could trust / confidential in and then for no reason are literally ignoring you shutting you out? I have lost so many people to this damn illness and so tired of people doubting me. I’ve lost so much to it and so many people I called friends. But some have been there no matter what and life savers trough everything even at my lowest with my bully school boss principal. The havoc that caused and then have people question that…I lived in terror for so long and still afraid but friends expected better…some not so much as an explanation. Makes me sad.

Sorry it’s hard at the moment.bI hope the sun shines soon

Not exactly… I don’t have a lot of friends… right now just one who doesn’t talk to me much… she doesn’t share her stuff even when I ask… it’s always a “long story” which makes me feel like she wouldn’t want to hear my stuff…

I’m sorry it’s like this for you… maybe you can ask why? Not sure I would do that though, eventhough I do think it would help…

Kind of sounds like that’s a long story pared right down there Carolynn. People doubt you? Hang out with us. For obvious reasons we’re rubbish at providing a cup of coffee but we know what it’s like having PsA.

In some situations I ask myself what some of my friends here would do or say. I’ve learned a lot about how to roll with the punches from others here and had quite a few good laughs. Can’t beat the ‘real’ world, but this site helps me deal with it, I find!


Carolynn, how you doing? I don’t know what I’m on really, it had been a long day yesterday. Because obviously you are hanging out with us! I hope you know what I mean though, even if I can’t express it too well!


Can’t imagine what that must feel like for you at the moment Carolynn. Like @Sybil says, feel free to vent to us as much or little as you want to, and we’ll be glad to listen and help as we can.

We may not be able to provide coffee but I guess we have coffee emojis :coffee: