Feeling lonely? Need support?

Anyone feeling lonely due to their chronic illness, COVID, or the holidays? I’m feeling lonely and would like to provide support to anyone who is feeling the same. Just message me and let’s start a conversation.


Dittos! Between Covid, and now I’ve deactivated my Facebook, I’m feeling more isolated than ever. It’s not normally a problem because I’m introverted, but I have some challenging situations at home, and nowhere to vent.

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Feel free to message me if you want to chat privately.

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Thanks Frances.

How are you coping these days?

I’m trying to do my holiday baking in between the upticks in joint issues. I also get cuddles from my 14.5 month-old granddaughter, who lives with her parents in our home.

She is a sweetie! I hold her lots, but my left hand and wrist end up feeling as though it’s in a vise, and on fire simultaneously! :wink: So then I sit on the floor with her.

I’m struggling with my husband who is working from home and driving me nuts.

I am tired all the time, but I push myself. Just had a 30 min. session on the treadmill.

I will pay for it later, as usual.


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I’m doing well. Have lots to do to get ready for Christmas. My house is a mess and I haven’t wrapped any gifts yet! Everyone may be getting gift bags!

Dear Frances,

I’m glad to hear that you are okay. Because of Covid, many things that would have had me busy are by-the-wayside, so in a way, I’m more ahead than usual.

I have pared WAY back on cards – used to send 150, now I’m down to about 30 and I use computer-printed labels to save my hands.

I hate wrapping gifts, and hated it even before my hands got bad.

I’m trying to relax and enjoy things regardless of some toxic people in my life - that’s the one thing I really don’t enjoy about the holidays.

I’ve been avoiding crowds/shopping, in order to keep myself and my family as safe as possible.

I can’t wear a mask, so going out in public is dicey anyway due to judgey people who don’t understand. I did most of my shopping online this year and do curbside pickup for groceries.

I do enjoy my 14 month old grandbaby. J

Brag picture attached


D for short

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PS – what’s wrong with gift bags? LOVE THEM and they’re re-usable so +1 for the environment ha ha LOL/

Go for it!


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