Feedback on Simponi

Hi Folks,

I have been on Prednisone since June and MTX since July. I don't think MTX is helping as much as the Prednisone but we all know we can't be on Prednsione for a long time. Each time I taper off to 10 mg a day, I get major flare-ups. Now my Rheumy suggests to switch to Simponi.

I wonder if anyone has experience of the drug. I would like your feedback on it and what possible reactions should I expect when I start taking it.

Thank you in advance.

I had major injection site reactions to enbrel and humira but not even a bruise with simponi. I have only been on it for 2 months now but feel much better after my second injection. My rheumy had me start on simponi origonally but insurance denied me untill I failed the other 2.
Have to say I am pretty happy to using Simponi. I notice improvement right away. Still feeling decent and am due for a dose next week.
Good luck

Thanks for your feedback Ocustamp. I got a call from my doctor's office. Looks like my insurance wants me to try Enbrel or Humira first before taking Simponi...

I have been on one or another of the biologics for 11 yrs now. I have been taking Simponi for 18 months. It is working well for me. Other biologics stopped working after a few yrs (Enbrel was THE BEST, I even had a remission! but then it stopped working), and I've switched to another. Simponi is the latest. I've had no side effects, and like fewer injections than some of the others. For me, the Simponi only works for 3 weeks, not 4. After the third month I could set my watch by my flare up. So I switched to once every 3 weeks and have no breakthrough.