Anyone on it? I had my first dose last month at my docs and they doc did it I do my mxt and i did my enbrel from actual syringes and the thought of the auto injector scares me..I have the practice one the somponi company sent me but still worried...

I am waiting on insurance approval for Simponi. Curious to see how you do on it. Best of luck!

I was on Simponi for a year. It worked pretty well for me. It was my first experience with the autoinjector as well, and it was fine, not nearly as scary or difficult as I imagined.

I needed an every three week dosage of Simponi, as it wore off like clockwork at 3 weeks for me.

Marietta, may I ask why you stopped taking it?

After about 9mo. I flared and the Simponi worked, but even when we added Arava, it just didn't seem to be getting it under control enough. So at 11months we switched meds to a double dose of Enbrel which is working better.

So, nothing dramatic.

ChefWithPSA said:

Marietta, may I ask why you stopped taking it?