Hi Everyone

So glad to be among friends who know what it's like to suffer with this darn stuff. I was on Arava for 11 years but my liver test came up high so high so stopped and now I'm in process to take Enbrel. Anyone with experience on Enbrel, and any advice?


I took Embel for just over a year. I hope it works for you. I found I had red itchy spots at the injetion site, but if I put ice packs on straight away, that it helped. I didn't have any other side effects. Also, let it warm up first, never inject it cold!

Are you using the auto-injector pen or pre-filled syringe?

I have has to use both and I was more scrared about using the pre-filled syringe. But somehow I managed to find the courage to do it.

Enbrel worked for me, but not as well as my Rhuemy would have liked, so least year we moved onto Simponi.

Hope this helps a little :)


Thank you Louise. I haven't started it yet. Just had a TB test yesterday so have to wait 48 hours. Then I have to watch a vidio about Enbrel (yeesh) before I can get the prescription filled. Thanks for the advice.

Hi Louise!

Very good advice from Louise to let it warm up 15-30 minutes! Let me tell you, after Pain Management injections this was like a little mosquito bite! Cake!

I have been having some good results at 7 weeks, at 50mg weekly dose, so hopefully at the full 12 weeks I will be GREAT!

For some reason, the blogs are not looked at as much as the discussions, so feel free to also post the same thing or a different subject on that forum.

So lovely to have you with us, and so nice of you to post!



Hello lilliesmom! How was that for PsA brain! Sorry for the name mix up, Louise already knows how glad I am to hear from her!

Hi Lilliesmom

It is good to speak with other people and share your experiences. I am so glad I found this site.

I was on Arava for 3 months but with no improvement so I am now on Embrel. This is my third injection but my pain seems to be worse after the injection but I am going to carry on and hope that there will be improvement. I injected in the thigh at first (as this was recommended) but golly it hurts!!! and the area was red and sore for over a week. I have now changed to my stomach and it was much better with no reaction. Let us know how you get on. Has anyone else had any problems with more pain after injections? I would really like to know if this is usual! Kind Thoughts Glo x

No problems for me Glo. I only use my arms, and did call Enbrel nurse on their support line first. So sorry, hope things get better with the shots!

Hello lilliesmom, so nice to have you join our group. I was on enbrel for 3 months & had no improvements on it. So my doctor had me stop it & I now on remacaide. Everyone is different & I hope and pray the enbrel works for you. Keep us updated & let us know how it works out for you.

Thanks Elizabeth. I did try Enbrel a few years back for a few months and it seems like my Psoriasis flared with it, so quit and stayed on Arava, on which I had about 2 flares a year, which I could handle. I think I'll do more consulting with my doctor before I start the injections.