Pre-filled Enbrel syringe

I have been using Enbrel for almost a year and a half now, but have been using the autoinjecters. It’s been more or less okay, but very stingy. My concern that I brought up to my rheumy was that I was losing medication due to it pushing back out of my skin. Plus we won’t mention the bruising.

Today I used a pre-filled syringe for the first time. A bit weird having to push the needle in, and obviously I could see the needle itself. But the needle slid in really easily with no discomfort. Just as importantly, the medicine went in with no stinging. No medicine leaked out of my skin when I was done either.

I have four autoinjecters left that I will still use up. But what a huge difference it was! I’m definitely a convert!

I just wanted to share this. I know that there have been some complaints about the medication stinging and the injection hurting. If the way that you are doing it is miserable, then it may well be worth trying out a change.

Sounds great! My dermatologist would like me to discuss this with my Rheumotologist. Currently, I can't take anything because I'm sick with bronchitis and on antibiotics. After that I might consider at least discussing it with my Rheumatologist.

Happy for you! Beats a 3 to 4 hour visit to the Rheumotologist's Office every 8 weeks!


I am delighted for you Stoney .... I had hoped you'd have a great experience and join the pre-filled syringe club :-)

A lot of the pain associated with the injectors is the air bubbles trapped inside. Seems much less so with syringes. Cimzia syringe is really nice because if you let warm up, the air comes out easily. My only complaint is the shot is too big and anyone with bad hands…