Enbrel Rash

I have been injecting Enbrel for 7 weeks now and noticing a small improvement. However, after the third injection i developed a very itchy red rash. Each week the rash appears after injecting but every time it is getting bigger and more itchy, started off about 1 inch across and now is as big as the palm of my hand. Any adviceanyone. I have been told by my specialist nurse to take antihistamine on the day of injection and use hydracortisone cream but am beginning to worry just how big these rashes are going to get.

Are you using the autoinjector or preloaded syringes?

Hopefully, it's just some sort of temporary reaction to the Enbrel. I take it the rash is at the injection site? I've read others' comments on here about a similar problem that started up after a few injections and seemed to worsen over the next several injections and then stopped happening! I started getting a red spot after the 6th or 7th injection. I got it for a few injections and each time it got larger. Mine didn't itch or hurt in any way, though. Then, suddenly, it stopped! Now I have no SEs from the Enbrel. I thought I was getting diarrhea from it, but that was just my weird stomach and coincidentally happened two days after my shot for a few weeks. I figured out it must have been something I ate.

I've been having good luck with Enbrel. Actually, I felt really good right away after the first injection and for the first almost three months (other than the fiasco with my back towards the end of my second month, but that wasn't the PsA). I'm having some pain now going into the fifth month, but, again, that's probably just damage that will never go away. So, I hope you keep feeling better and the rashes stop! Enbrel has made me feel so much better overall!

I am using pre-loaded syringes

tntlamb said:

Are you using the autoinjector or preloaded syringes?

Then i would hang in there, It does pass for most folks. The pH of the preloaded is slightly different because of the preservative and causes a bit of a reaction. The autoject pens are loaded with latex THAT doesn't get better. There is a third option should the problem continue which is to mix up your own its a PIA but if the stuff is working well worth it.