Enbrel Reactions

Hi there! I'm new to the board, but OMGosh I'm so happy to have found it. I've learned so much already and am happy to know I'm not the only one out there!!

Ok, just curious. I just started Enbrel 3 weeks ago. Took my 3rd injection last night. The night before last, I noticed my thighs have these Huge red, swollen, painful, hot rashes (for lack of a better word) on them. I tried to get in touch with my rheumy to ask if I should take my 3rd injection but didn't hear back from him. I took my injection anyway and this morning I notice the other 2 rashes are diminishing in color but now I have one where I injected myself last night. I understand that according to Enbrel, "7% of patients experience a reaction at the injection site". So I must be one of those 7%. I'm just curious if anyone else has had that issue or what reactions (good or bad) have you had with Enbrel?

I had almost the same thing happen! When I took my 4th dose, I had reactions at all my previous injection sites. It's relatively normal and not to be worried about in most people, but contact your healthcare provider if you feel the need. I just took my 9th dose and no reaction. Not much of a reaction with my 8th dose, either, but my 4th - 7th were the worst, reaction-wise. A cold cloth applied to the reaction site helps immensely.


When I was taking Embrel I used to get those. I was told it was a reaction to whatever they use as a preservative... As Nym said a cold compress right after the injection usually helps with the severity, and as you continue to use Enbrel, the reaction will get less over time.

I am now taking Simponi once a month and do not get a reaction at all - weird.

That used to happen to me sometimes - but not every time. If it happens every time, I bet you're rheumy will discontinue it and put you on something else. Or not. Weird that he hasn't gotten back to you.

Just took my first embrel injection this week after being switched from humira. Humira stopped working for me. No reaction at site and a tually hurts less going in than humira but the upset stomach all day today is miserable!

I went and saw my Rheumy today and he took me off the Enbrel and onto Simponi. Hopefully I won't have a bad reaction to that. :)

Just a thought - injection site reactions can also be related to a latex allergy, so continued reactions that get worse each time need to be checked out.