My family recently moved to northern California and I had to change doctors. I really like my new rheumy, she seems very thorough and spent close to an hour with me at my first visit!
I’ve been on Enbrel and methotrexate for the past 2 yrs and before that, Humira and mtx. However, last December I was given prednisone for a respiratory tract infection and had a MAJOR flare-up as a result. Since then, my psoriasis hss been totally out of control and the Enbrel/mtx mix isn’t working.
My new rheumy is switching me to Simpani. I’m just curious if anyone here takes that medication and how it’s working for you?
If this one doesn’t work, my next step will be Remicade.
I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:

Some people can find a biologic that works and stay on it for years. It hasn't worked that way for me I can take a biologic for about a year and then it slowly stops working for me. I have been on Humiria, Enbrel X2 and simponi and Remicade. Enbrel worked about the best so my Rheumy had me on it twice for about a year each time in between other biologics. The way I understand it for some PsA patients our over active immune system is able to build antibodies to the biologics and so they stop working for us in about a year. I also take mtx in the hopes of slowing my immune system down and help each one last longer. This does not happen with everyone and the biologics may last longer for you. Good luck!

I was on Simponi for about a year, and it was helpful with no side effects, but like Michael explained can happen, the medication slowly stopped working for me.