Hi guys, I have an appointment with my rheumy on the 22nd and I was diagnosed with PsA in May, I was wondering if you think it's too soon to ask him for something like Enbrel or Humira? I'm on Plaquenil and it isn't working at all. Also any feedback on what drugs worked for you would be helpful

According to my Rheumatologist, your Insurance will dictate which drug you start with, most trials last 3 months to feel the full affect. Any problems you have should be reported. I was started on Sulfasalazine, then Methotrexate, now on Enbrel. Enbrel was the only med so far that has made a noticable difference of my level of energy, motion, and pain. Perhaps they will try the Enbrel with you next. Hope it works for you!

I started enbrel process after two months on methotrexate. Took a month to start as travel plans and sinus infection got in the way. Doc got approval for enbrel relatively quick as psa was greatly affecting how I worked. I think this was a “magic” word to get ins company approval.

It is not too soon at all. My rheumy had me on Enbrel after just a month on MTX. They do this for all their patients, one month on MTX so they can tell the insurance company they tried it, then on to Enbrel or Humira.

Is mtx just for psoriasis?

MTX is prescribed for many things including psoriasis, PsA, RA, other auto-immunes, and some cancers (in much higher doses.) It's been around forever.

It's safe enough if your doctor monitors your liver function.

I now take mtx injected weekly in my abdomen and Enbrl. Previously I had tried mtx orally, Humira and Simponi. I amstill quite symptomatic so at my next visit my Rheumy said we may need to discuss Remicade IV instead of Enbrel. I assume she will keep me on mtx until I become less swollen and sore. From what I have read once you obtain some remission most Rheumies will try to titrate the mtx down while watching fo flairs. I hope this helps.

Have you tried prendisone in tapers or bursts? Did it help? It is a drug with some scary and serious side effects but appears to be somewhat safe when taken infrequently in bursts or tapers. Just a thought. I am really hoping you find reflief soon bloopoint. You are in my thoughts. Hugs, michael

I would jump on a biologic soonest if you fit the criteria for taking it… Honestly I have had Enbrel since the week after my DX and I have found it to be the one drug at doesn’t give me a bunch of side effects!

I have taken prednisone. It didn't help actually, it give me wicked side effects though.

MTX is not only used to treat psoriasis. It is used also to treat certain types of cancer, breast,skin,head,neck,lung. As well as rheumatoid arthritis, and other purposes. In my opinion it is NEVER to early to get involved in your treatments. Ask questions and find out what your doctors approach to treatments are for you.

I am sorry for your troubles Bloopoint. I react to prednisone also. It has a good effect on my nflammation, I feel 20 all of a sudden! But I get wicked anxiety as I taper down and my joints blow up again and the stiffnes comes in low and dark like a malevolent fog. I wish you well.

I was fortunate. After being diagnosed with PsA, my Rheumy immediately put me on Enbrel. However, I have PsA of type Spondylitis and my neck is already fused from the top of my neck to between my shoulder blades.

Majorflake- same here in terms of what is mostly affected, Lspine and neck-but I don’t know if the neck is fused. I didnt ask. I do know it curves the wrong way, has syndesmorphytes and a minor slipped disk. The X-ray report doesn’t say it is fused so I guess not. My neck is really cracklely though!
I got the whole treatment too - Enbrel, MTX and NSaids - I also take Tylenol for pain sometimes.

Can I ask what your side effects were from Prednisone? My doctor has prescribed it and I'm terrified of all these drugs.

I'm just about to apply for disability as I have Psoriatic Arthritis in both hands, depuytrans contracture, cervical damage in my neck and Costochrondritis. I have had Psoriasis for 30 years which I manage through my diet. Which I'd be glad to share if anyone is interested. But, I can no longer use my hands much as they swell up and get very painful. Now, I feel it in my arms and hips. I'm 55 and did IT for years. Got laid off in 2008 and then my arthritis started going crazy.

bloopoint said:

I have taken prednisone. It didn't help actually, it give me wicked side effects though.

Side effects from predi are pretty mild and temporary. most likley you will get hungry and a bit shirt tempered at most.. Most folks get near instant relief (temporary) from inflammatory conditions. I don't want to add to the stress you have probably been feeling for the past few years but depuytrans contracture won't help with disability much as its is highly treatable as is costo. If you haven't had a run or two of predi yet what treatments have you had???? The predi will help the costo 9and if it doesn't they can shoot up the spots giving almost instant relief. If you are not with a reheumy get withone, if you are withonwe and haven't had some aggressive treatment (by now) you may need a new one.

Have you had the needle aspiration for the depuytrans contracture? Its almost miraculous. hardly any PT afterwards either. My sis was so po'd after suffering for years and to walk out of the office almost cured.... The surgery is a bear but generally pretty successful. Hang in there, we are here for you.

I’ve taken prednisone a few times, it works brilliantly and I had no side effects. I think, as we have ascertained on this forum a lot, that it depends on the person as to the level of side effects. When I take prednisone all my PsA symptoms disappear within 24 hours, including the fatigue and brain fog. Amazing stuff.

I used enbrel 2 years 4 months. It made a difference with the psoriasis conditions. But it gave me a week immune system also. I was the first one who gets flu or discusting coughs. sometimes just a flu stucks with me 4 weeks. and more importand than those i gained 40 pounds when i using enbrel. Dont know maybe i should have a diet with the medicine but it was really hard to keep up with the other side effects. I dont recommend.

currently i am using sulfasalazine with daily basis and when the conditions flare i use Voltaren 75 SR as pain management. My rheumy tried Cortica steroid and MTX treatment on me before but those drugs left me with liver fail :(

For the psoriasis i am using Coresatin cream. it works magically when skin condition flares.