Experience with Remacaide?

My rheumy now wants me to start getting infusions of remacaide. I know nothing about this medication. My rheumy did tell me it can cause severe allergic reactions. Will it make me sick? Will I be able to drive myself home? What are the possible side effects? Should i be worried about this drug? What can I expect? How effective is it? Any info anyone can tell me will be helpful Thank you everyone :-)

I start remicade a week from tomorrow. The only answer I can give you is that I was told that I COULD drive myself, but because of the risk of allergic reaction, it was suggested that I get someone to drive me the first time if possible. A friend of mine will be driving me and passing the time getting herself some lunch (my treat, as a thank you) and window /thrift shopping until I call. I've been told the first infusion process can take three hours or more, with the paperwork, prep, infusion, monitoring, etc. I'm planning on bringing my iPod and a book to my first infusion.

Dear Elizabeth,

I can only wish that this really helps you to feel better!


2008, I had 8 infusions NEVER worked for me. Never had a problem with it. Just didn't help me. I was still always in pain. He wants to start me back on it and I said NO it didn't work for me and I am not paying $200 every 6 wks.

Never made me sick,no reactions, Yes u can drive after it.

Hope this helps.