Remicade hmmm

Gonna be starting remicade. How is it. How does it work for y’all. Any bad side effects anyone noticed.

I take Humira, but wanted to wish you well. Good luck and hope you find your magic combination.

I am on remicade & I do not get any adverse side effects. Other then I am wiped out the day I get it. So I just go home & sleep it off. My rheumy had to increase my dosage as it was not strong enough. But now I do good till about 5 weeks after my infusion that the pain returns. I get my infusions every 6 weeks. So that last week is a little rough. Keep us posted on how you do. Best of luck to you.

About time you get some good stuff there cat, you deserve it. Compared to where you have been remicade will likley be like being forced to drink 18 year single malt instead of Johnny Red. I can't relate any personal experience but I have a couple of friends here where I live, that say the biggest problem they have had is getting the infusion rate right. Too fast causes problems and too slow makes 'em late for their tee time. And yes they do infusion in the morning and golf in the afternoon. They both say if they go home and veg, they are really wiped out for a day or so. They no longer predose with benadryl (or similar) although they did in the beginning.

Well guess I will for sure make appointments in the after noon instead of morning and going to work after.

Remicade wipes me out for the rest of the day and I get a "remicade hangover" the next day. Other than that, it's been WONDERFUL!!!

I started Remicade in May 2015 and did not have any side effects at first. Now I get extreme headache and nausea 4 days after the infusion for the last 3 times. They are going to give me Zofran for the nausea. I think its odd that my side effects are so delayed.