1st Remicade Infusion on Monday!

Hey Psa land I hope'all is well with everyone. I'm looking for some information on how an "Infusion Day" is? Do you have to to sit or do you have the option to lay down? Does everyone get Benadryl? How long does an infusion usually last? Do you get head aches after the procedure? Are you massively fatigued the rest of the day? Do some of you sleep during the procedure? And last & most importatley . . . can you use the umm . . . restroom when/if necessary?

Head ache and fatique are the main complaints that I found while doing a little research.

Would appreciate any input, my first infusion is Monday.


Buick Boy

Hello Buickboy,I have had 3 so far. I do get benedryl every time as well as tylenol. It generally lasts about 2 1/2- 3 hours. Each time has been different. Twice I was put in a room with a recliner type chair and once in a room with a bed. I was able to watch TV & even offered lunch. But we all know how hospital food is. But the thought was nice. I do get to use the rest room The IV is on a pole so I can even get up & help myself to a cup of tea or coffee. I have slept through my last infusion & yes it did make me horribly sleepy. I bring my son to drive me home & then I come home & take a great long nap. I have no side effects & my first two infusions were awesome. I felt about 30 years younger. My last infusion has left me a bit disappointed. But I am hopeful the next one will have me feeling great again. If not I hope my rheumy has a solution. Because I was loving the magical effect of my first two infusions. Hope that answers some of your questions. If you have any others feel free to drop me a line......I will be happy to answer all that I can for you.

Good luck BuickBoy, hope all goes well and it works like a charm! I can offer no help here, just encouragement and Well wishes! Always good to hear from you!

Hugs to my buddy,


The first infusion went something like this:

Arrive, get shown to room with recliner, nurse went over my chart with me, all the meds I was on, all my diagnoses, I signed a release, took tylenol and benadryl, and then hot my hep lock. My medicine arrived by robot and iv was hooked up. I had the option of watching tv, reading, listening to my iPod, sleeping, etc. Two hours after the iv started, I was done. I did have someone drive me - and good thing because the benadryl makes me loopy. I went home and slept for a couple hours and had what I call a "remicade hangover" the next day (tired, achey, not wanting to move).

The last infusion I had was complete with heated blanket, coffee, gluten-free meal (not bad, actually!), and free reflexology treatment.

I plan on having the rest of the day after my infusion free in order to rest, because I know that the infusion usually wipes me out.

Hi Buickboy,

I think whether you are in a chair or stretcher will vary from infusion center to infusion center. If you would prefer a bed, call ahead and request.

I too sleep alot when getting the remicade, but it was really the benedryl IV push that caused my drowsiness. They premedicated me with IV push benedryl, one 500 mg. tylenol, and IV push decadron. This was all to hopefully avoid an allergice reaction since I am allergic to most things under the sun. ;-)

Infusion time is at your physician's discretion. Mine were lengthy, but that was to avoid possible side effects. After my first infusion causing palpitations, they slowed my drip times extremely more than before.

Best advice I can give you, is consider it to be your "me" time and relax and enjoy that you can't be responsible for anything but yourself on that day.

I work at the hospital where I received treatments, so I always scheduled my infusions for the afternoon so that I could work a half day to avoid loosing too much $ from being off. Then, I always drove myself home after with no problems and I live 30-45 minutes away depending on traffic.

Best of luck to you. Please keep us informed on your progress and how you do.

Take care!


Anxious to know how you are BuickBoy!

I do not get a benadryl and tylenol.. I get an allegra... it does make me sleepy, so I take a 24 hr one the night before at home (you can ask your dr. or the nurse about it for next time) because I got so sleepy.. Now, it's not remotely as bad.. I take a personal DVD player with earbuds with me and stop by a Redbox.. I use a recliner.. and yes I can go to the restroom if I need to, you just wheel your IV with you.. As I said before the Allegra really wiped me out, so taking it the night before I'm not AS exhausted as before.. I'm usually pretty tired the day after as well.. No headache.. Sleeping.. well, the nurse will take your blood pressure and pulse SEVERAL times, so I guess you could "cat nap" for a few min.. then they'll keep waking you up! LOL Hope that answers all your questions.. (the Iv is saline solution and then they inject the bag with your viles of Remicade meds)

Thanks for asking SK! Went for a ride on my recumbent bike earlier this evening. Right now I'm chillin' on our deck listening to a ball game and watching bats swooping here and there enjoying a gourmet dinner of insects a la cart.

As far as the Remicade infusion is concerned all I can say is it was "interesting". I was pleasantly surprised that the clinic has an open Wifi available. My Dr. didn't have me take any premeds. The nurse stated that the Dr. had me taking the medicine in pretty fast pace. Started the infusion at about 1:30 and was out the door around 4ish.

I'm assuming that it will be a little while before I notice any improvement. Is that the case? Have you ever been on Remicade? My wife and kids are really hoping and praying for some fast relief. Anyway, other than a little bruise at the injection spot I've had zero side effects :~)

Well it's time for me to say "Buenas Noches" mi amiga and pray that God blesses your evening so you can awaken refreshed tomorrow, ready to battle a new day!

Hi BuickBoy,

Glad all went smoothly! I too hope and pray that you get fast and lasting relief from the med. I have never had an infusion, I am 3 months into Enbrel now. Doc wants me to have another 6 months of it at this point, though I see him in another 3. I told him I knew it was working in 2 ways, that I have had some really good days with improved movement. Some bad Thursday nights and Friday mornings as my shot time is Friday at 5:OO. I can really feel that 'drag', like it has worn off.

I am very thankful for the relief, hopefully it has slowed it down, but it seems to be going at a fast rate of progression at this point. He told me that I have had this for a LONG time.

I go for wrist x-rays, to see what that is about, he suspects joint and tendon. Says it is the PsA. Winter will tell the tale.

Here's wishing you feel great from these, so that you can enjoy your young life, wife and family! I have had the grandson's keeping me busy! Let us know how you get along!

Wishing you the best always,


Hi Buickboy....Glad to hear all went well for you. I had my first infusion on a Thursday & by Saturday I felt a very noticeable difference. My teenager daughters even noticed the difference. But all of us have react differently. Keep us updated on your progress.

I've been on Remicade for over a yr.. It took me about 3 months or so and now I can RUN.. (still can't squat LOL) but I'm doing p90x (which my dr wasn't to thrilled with) and can do just about anything in the world I want.. I still have flares every now and again, but they are so mild and minimal compared to before Remicade.. Hope it works for you as well as it has me!