Remicade Users

I will start with Remicade next week,I was just wondering what your experiences were at the first infusion. How did you feel during and after it? Also do you still take methotrexate along with the Remicade. Any side effects etc etc. Thankyou.

BORED! That’s how I feel during my infusions. Also, plan to be there for 3 hours, not 2.5. 2.5 hrs is the infusion time, but there is extra time needed to start your IV, give you Tylenol and an antihistamine, take your temp and BP. Also allow extra time in case the office is behind schedule.

I get really achy during my infusions, so I always premedicate. If I take something containing Tylenol, I just let the infusion nurse know so I don’t get a double dose.

Take some creature comforts with you. Munchies, one of those neck pillows, drinks, and stuff to keep your mind occupied are all must haves to keep you comfortable.

Make sure you are WELL HYDRATED prior to your infusion. My nurse has good aim, but when I forget to drink a lot of water beforehand, i am pretty much guaranteeing myself multiple IV sticks.

Do not stare at the IV bag during your infusion. From past experience, I can tell you that no matter how many dirty looks you give it, it will NOT drip any faster.

I have not had any adverse reactions to Remicade so far. I’ve only had 3 infusions, but I haven’t noticed any additional fatigue like I have seen other folks report. However, my PsA is way out of control at the moment so I don’t think that I would notice any additional fatigue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your infusion. Its really no-biggie if you relax and keep your mind otherwise occupied while you are there.