Infusion today!

I start my first Remicade infusion in about an hour. I’m a bit nervous and hoping I have no adverse reactions. I’m planning to go to work afterwards so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Good luck!

I get mine at 1PM CST. Nothing to worry about. Just remember that it's going to take a few infusions before you start feeling the effects. Been getting mine every six weeks for a couple of years now.

I was on Remicade for about a year with no adverse effect. I had good relief in the beginning but then it faded. I hope it works really well for you with no adverse effect.

The infusion was very uneventful. They almost postponed it because I had a split lip due to a sunburn. I had no adverse effects during the infusion. It was very boring and the benedryl made me tired but I was able to go to work right after it and today also. The only weird thing was that I slept terribly last night and woke up to bleeding gums…Otherwise I don’t really feel any different. I can’t wait for the pain to finally go away.