Does anyone take Wellbutrin together with Cymbalta? What have your results been?

I would like to know how well Cymbalta and Wellbutrin have helped your depression. I took Prozac for about 6 years, and I got more and more depressed and gained about 20 lbs. Recently, my family doc stopped the Prozac and started me on Wellbutrin, I feel a little better, but I am still tired, with low energy, motivation, and lethargy; she now wants to add Cymbalta. I do not have anxiety and I believe something stimulating would be very helpful. I am also reducing Norco. I hate the way I feel. I do not want to do much of anything. Do you think Cymbalta would help? I do not want another drug that makes my mood worse. I need more energy, less pain, and motivation.

I am currently taking Humira. Before that Enbrel and before that, MTX. I have had PsA for 20 years, but was only diagnosed 2.5 years ago, so these drugs have greatly helped with pan, swelling and stiffness. I took Celebrex for 15 years, with only a little relief; pain killers for about 10 years. I've had back and hip surgery, steroid injections, and physical therapy. So compared to the past hell I went through, I'm doing pretty well. I think if I can get out of this mental and physical funk,fog, or depressed mood, I will begin to move more, lose weight, and live a little before I get too old. :-)

If anyone has other suggestions on medications that will improve mood and energy, please let me know, so I can discuss them with my doc. Thank you, I will appreciate any advice or suggestions.