My Feel-Good Combination

I have been feeling pretty well lately. So....recently I have changed a lot of my medications, and I think that is why. Currently, I am using Enbrel and 10 mg of methotrexate a week; and Celebrex once a day. I stopped taking Norco, Tramadol, and Prozac and now take Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. I slowly stopped taking Simvastatin and Metoprolol and began taking Niacin and CoQ10. I haven't had my cholesterol tested, so I don't know the results of this change yet. All I know is I feel much better, less pain and less depression.

Good for you. I am glad you ate feeling better!

You know the sad thing is that we have to do our own research on these things. I really believe doctors basically treat the symptoms and dont try to get to the root cause. I was taking Effexor 75mg but have stopped taking it. When you research the internet on this drug, you will be amazed at all of the possible side effects and stories people have. One of my worst things I deal with is the swelling of the ankles and pain in my feet and ankles. Effexor causes swelling of the ankles and joint pain. Well, I am sorry but that is worst thing I need to go along with the arthritis. It makes me wonder how much of my symptoms were from the drug. There is a petition to take it off the market. I have only been off of it for 3 days but the ankle swelling is not as bad.

Good for you! Just pay attention to the side effects of Cymbalta. Dry mouth is common. Within 5 months I had a cavity. Drink lots of water. Sugar free gum is good too. Stay well!

Congrats! It's SO GREAT when you find a combo that helps :)))