Has anyone had experience with Cymbalta for pain/sleep issues?

Has anyone tried this medication? My doc says often times it helps with fibromyalgia related pain, as well as sleep issues caused from pain. Any thoughts?

Dear walkingalong,

I have never taken this med, but I know that it is often discussed on the Ben's Friend's Fibromyalgia site. It may be worth joining that group too, just to get some info from them about the med.

I did try Savella, and it worked quite well for a few months, it helped a bit with pain and was surely a mood lifter, however, I began to tremble uncontrollably, and a sharp pain on the top of my head began, it was like someone was running a sharp object over the top of my head. I stopped the med immediately and have had no such problems since.

I'm soon to be starting cymbalta to treat fibro pain. Did you end up trying it? I would love to hear any experience you've had :).

heres some "reviews":


A few years ago, i had some depression, and i had some 30mg samples from a osteopath doc, and i tried them. I felt better right away with the crying. I saw my PCP, and he had me take 60mg...I still do take it, 60mg.

I love it!..My rheummmy, will not prescribe pain pills, but she says Cymbalta is used for pain, and prescribes it

My PCP gave me a prescription for Norco, if i am feeling well i don't even take it.

Another one, Cymbalta, do not take in the evening, i think most ppl get insomnia...but some can do it at night....I take it in the morn, with my other meds.

One day i forgot to take it, rheummy was right..I had pain in my legs

So for me, it's a good med

After much discussing with the doctor, and my family, we decided to try it. I started yesterday. Will let you know how it goes!