Does anyone have any experience with Cymbalta? I didn’t know how to look for past discussions about it. My husband’s neurologist prescribed it today…supposedly it treats neuropathy, depression, pain, and it even helps with losing weight!
We googled it for info, but it would be interesting to know if anyone here took it for neuropathy or pain? I took Nortriptyline a few years back for neuropathy–wondering how Cymbalta compares.

I don’t have experience but I did check for you, there’s topics about it :slight_smile:

I liked it when I was on it except for the fact i had a low grade fever and blood pressure went up. It did a great job on the neuralgia (arm) but finally ran out of steam and I had surgery which took care of the pain. Start slow and wean off of it if he has to quit. It can be one of those “miracle drugs”

I take Cymbalta for depression and to prevent depression. I haven’t notices any side effects. I understand it is also suppose to help with pain, but I’m atypical and rarely have arthritis pain.

Thanks, interesting about the low-grade fever, tntlamb–is that a known SE? He’s been taking it for two days now and no complaints–I sure hope it works–he takes a lot of different meds and never has SEs, so hopefully this will be the same. His neuropathy is pretty bad–I’d say if it also lifts his spirits, that would be great!

I echo lamb’s advice about weaning off it. No one told you needed to do that and I once got extremely nauseous for days and didn’t know why - it was not taking the Cymbalta.