Is anyone on Gabapentin? What is your experience with it like?

I just started taking Gabapentin for pain and wondered if anyone else has taken it for back pain and other joint pain and what your experience with it is like.

Hi there, klutzwalker. Oh dear, that doesn't sound very, um, friendly, does it? And I don't think I'll call you klutz. Anyway, welcome to this board. I'm sorry you've joined this club, but I'm glad you've found us!

I was on gabapentin briefly after my knee replacement surgery. I really don't know if it made much of a difference, but I have to assume that "they" knew it would do me good.

I'd say it's worth a try!

Take care


Hi there klutz (is it okay if I call you klutz for short??? ha ha)...anyway, they had given me gabapentin as part of a chronic pain strategy at the chronic pain centre for my back pain after 3 back surgeries for spinal fusions. Turned out I was allergic to it and swelled up like a balloon, so I cannot tell you if it is helpful or not from my experience. However, my other takes it for Fibromyalgia pain (Lyrica...I think it is the same thing?) and she says it is it might be worth a try,

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I have taken Gabapentin for quite some time, and at thisw point I can say that it is not that "Wonder" DRUG. It did not work for me. But, again everyine is differnet. I pray that it does work for you. I also have taken Lyrica, and that also did not work. I'm at the trial and error point of my pain management. Currently I am taking Methotrextate and Embrel. I am hoping it works..

Keep us posted.

I started taking Gabapentin (brand name for drug is Neurontin)for neuropathy in my feet from diabetes. It worked adequately until I could get the VA to pay for Lyrica. Which in my case worked better for ME(not as many Pills). Give it some time as we are all different when it comes to pain management. Stay Well.......Rich

Hi Klutzwalker! Welcome to the board.

I have used neurontin years ago when my symptoms were not as pronounced as they are now. I did get some relief from it, but it stopped working for me. It's a good drug, I believe, and especially important because it doesn't get metabolized in the liver. It goes through the kidneys instead. Since most of my other meds are going through the liver, that was an important consideration to me when I tried it. I was trying to give my liver a break!

I believe it is one of the safer things to try. It's very similar to Lyrica, but Lyrica is pregabalin; neurontin is gabapentin. Both are anti-seizure meds but show effectiveness in decreasing chronic pain. They are members of the same class/type of drugs and work in similar ways. Pfizer says lyrica is stronger than neurontin. But you have to remember that pfizer has a vested interest in pushing lyrica since they can charge more for it, because neurontin now faces competition from generics. (Lyrica does not have generic competition yet.) So much for my conspiracy theory!

Some people tell me they get great results with gabapentin (Neurontin). Besides, it's probably safer in terms of side effects than many of the other drugs we typically use. IMHO, it's certainly worth a go.

Good luck and I hope you find relief!

Hi KW,

I'm SK, a newbie, and yes, it is one I have tried, it did wonders for the sciatica, but it made me 'reel', I mean like I was inside a spinning top, it may have even caused the vertigo I was having, so then Doc put me on Lyrica, no spinning, just swelling, I have to go off of it regularly to loose retained fluid.

I had to laugh at a gal who commented on a drug discussion and said something like "ah the methotrexate chronicles", so I suppose that now we are beginning the Gabapentin and Pregabalin Chronicles! ha! BTW, it did nothing for me for back and joint pain, but was good on nerve pain, and that is for both. Is it helping you at all?

My doctor prescribed gaberpentin for me when I was having lower back pain. When I started taking it my back pain went away but it didn't help any of the other joints that my PSA is affecting. Weird isn't it? Compared to the paid I have in my knees hands and feet the back pain was mild.

I took it years ago for chronic back pain, due to a herniated disk and poor recovery process from surgery. It did nothing for me. but then again, cortisone shots don't seem to do much for me either. I have never used it for PsA pain.

I take 900 mg a day for leg pain. I started with nerve pain about one year after a TKR but the pain originates in my back. I started out low dose 100mg once a day and slowly increased to 300mg 3x daily. Works for me and I always know if I miss a dose. I manage on this low dose. Dizziness headaches and excessive fatigue happen if I try to increase this dose. I

good luck to you