Anybody ever tried gabapentin/neurontin for pain?

Hello All. I really want to go back to work but
Can not do that on morphine daily, so my Dr wants me to try
Gabapentin. We tried amitriptaline but …I slept for about 36 hrs so no go
for that drug. I am very tired all the time and really want to be awake
and functioning with minimal pain if possible. I am worried we are grasping at straws
and this is not going to help and maybe hinder. Input welcome, experience welcome or
any ideas???

Hi Kirsten, I did try Neurotin for pain (Not for PsA pain - for nerve damage in my spine/down my legs) but I did not get good results. They switched me to Lyrica which works much better. I was under the understanding that this is for nerve pain as it calms the signals from the nerve endings. Maybe it will work for you. Good luck! Laineeb