Nucynta-newly approved narcotic for nerve pain

This is available as a regular med and a time release (ER) I have not tried it, but the info is worth sharing.

I have been taking Nucynta for the past year. My family doctor and neurologist referred me to a Pain Management doctor because of horrible migraines that I have along with the PsA. It really does help. I'm a teacher, so I can't really teach with most narcotics; this one is different because it alters your brain chemistry along with killing the pain. It works two ways. Best news is that once you are used to it, (it took me about a week) you don't have that "loopy" feeling that most narcotics can give you. Anyone else ever taken Nucynta?

I hadn't realized it was on the market that long. This is great news if you can stay that high functioning!

Pain management made me worse, can't tolerate TENS, and my stenosis is in the tailbone, so sitting, sleeping, and worst of all is riding in the car get more and more intolerable.

Thanks a thousand for the info, Ibeth! Hope it always works so well for you!