Compression gloves

My husband found this link:

It's for compression gloves. I was wondering if anybody tried them and what your experience with them was. He said if they will help, he will gladly spend the money on them but doesn't want to throw money away.

I don't know about that particular brand, but yes, compression gloves can be quite helpful. That's a good price. This is a very popular one, the Imak gloves -

I LOVE my compression gloves. I actually need to get a new pair, as I wore them instead of my other gloves while in my wheelchair and kinda sorta wore them out. LOL I have IMAK compression gloves (as Stoney noted above) and they lasted for a good long time.

I think we all have our favorite brand. I like the Thermoskin brand as they feel a bit like wet suit fabric and tend to hold in skin moisture and heat.