Arthritis Gloves

I got these today and so far they really help my finger/hand pain. The true test will be pushing the shopping cart on Thursday.

I was just looking at these on Amazon! Are they flexible enough to wear while typing?

I don’t know, but janeatiu has some, I think. Send her a message!

Janissa: YES It's what I do for a living I am an office manager for an RV Park. I love these gloves. It's like a girdle (spandex) for your hands. They improved my penmanship. I was down to almost putting an X on checks, UPS, FEDX signatures. My only complaint is they are a tad hot for Florida weather,:) I've also got a couple of pair of Ditz crafter gloves. They work pretty good, but the finger part isn't as long so my thumb doesn't get much support. I ordered those sports individual finger supports to try. I will let you know how those work.

PSS: If you think you need mediums...think about getting a medium pair and a small. They seem to loosen up after you wear them awhile.

Wow…i will look at getting myself these.
Thanks for posting.