Colds & Humira

I have been on Humira since July, and I was stricken with my first cold around the 18th of December. I thought, "Oh it's just a virus. I'll give my body a chance to fight this off. The doctor will just say it has to run its course anyway." For a week, I did a sinus rinse twice a day and took NyQuil every night hoping it would run its course and be done.

A week later, it was obvious this wasn't just a cold anymore. My ears were completely stopped up and sore and my sinuses were infected. So off to the doctor I went. My cold had morphed into a double ear infection and sinusitis. I was prescribed 3,000mg of Amoxicillin daily for 3 weeks.

Here it is 3 weeks later and the antibiotics are gone. My sinus infection has cleared up but my ears are still stopped up and I'm now coughing up my lungs, reaching for an inhaler every 30 minutes, and going through tissues faster than who knows what. Looks like another trip to the doctor is in order.

The moral of the story - never assume that a cold is just a cold if you are on Humira. It may start as a cold - but chances are it will become something much worse - something much more difficult to combat.

Just go to do the doctor. Now.

Thank you for your advice! I just took my second dose of Humira this week and received a follow up call from the nurse at the specialty pharmacy. I had to chuckle when she ended the conversation with ".. and don't forget to stay away from sick people . . ." Not sure what the color of the sky is in her world!

@Hopeful, you're most welcome. Haha, exactly! It's impossible - sick people germs are everywhere. Best of luck with Humira. It's helped me so much. I hope it helps you the same. :)