Off Humira for the moment

So I come home from my trip and two days later I and my husband come down with the cold from hell! I keep calling it a cold but maybe it was the flu. It just did not seem like the flu. Also this just went right for my chest? I never get the chest invasion. I give everything 2 weeks before I start to worry and go to the dr. My mom hears me cough and she wants me to go to the dr. I dont do that. There is nothing a doc can do for a cold or flu. It is a virus. It will run its course and go away in time. We are two weeks into this now and still icky sick. My husband took a day off and then still had to keep working. Poor guy.

The pharmacist at the specialty pharmacy I talked to said no Humira shot for you until you feel completely well. I think I am looking at another week and then I will be good. But until then I am just frustrated and know that my body is loosing ground in another way with the PsA.

But Im hanging in there.

Hi Waterfairy… It is so frustrating to miss a dose of the one thing that helps to relieve symptoms of PsA! I am sick now too, so my meds are on hold as well… I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you so much Zelda. I hope you feel better real soon too.

I'm sorry you got so sick! UGH. Another reason to get your flu shot. I (and my whole family) had what I'm sure was the swine flu the spring before it became big news (I think that fall they started revving up and warning everyone). We were soooo sick, with chest stuff AND stomach bug. And my husband never ever gets sick. I would say make sure you get your flu shot even if you catch the 'regular' flu, the swine flu vaccine is in there now and it will help prevent that. I had to miss almost a month of my biologic and just when I got better from the flu I had a flare from missing my meds. So I can relate.

I just realized I rambled on about something hardly relevant to your post. SORRY!! One of those brain-fog days :) Hang in there, thinking of you!

Gosh Marietta. I m sorry you and your family got that horrible swine flu. My husband never gets sick either but this he got. The odd thing is I never had a flu shot in my life due to egg allergy and this past fall my doc talked me into it cause my allergy is minimal. So I finally get a flu shot and this year I am sicker than I have been since I was a kid cold and flu wise. And being off the biologic also has made my stomach unhappy. I did not realize how much the biologic was helping me until I m not on it for a while. ick. I am hanging in. TY for your good thoughts. It means alot to me!

I got a sinus infection last September and had to go off until I was better. I had to go on three different types of antibiotics and it took me 4 months to feel better to the point the doctor would let go back on humria. I hope you get better soon. When I got sick I was just getting to the point that I was feeling really good. I was going hiking and it didn’t take me hours to feel ok in the morning. But being off humria for so long just put right back to square one. I pray you feel better soon!!!

Im sorry to hear you had that sinus infection and it caused you so much illness. I am feeling well enough that I should be able to start back up soon. But I have been off it now for more than a month and Oh do I feel it. Yes it takes me at least 3 hours to be able to get around . I am in pain now and want it to just stop. You had a much rougher time of it than I am having. Thank you for your prayers and comment. Keep your spirits up. :)