Cough on Humira

I am suppose to be "on" Humira (and sulfasalazine and Mobic and prednisone 7.5 mg/day). Switched from Enbrel in December 2013.

However, an extremely bad bout of sinusitis resulted in being off Humira for 8 weeks, 3 courses of antibiotics and maxillary balloon sinuplasty (did the trick... so far).

Restarted Humira 2.5 weeks ago with 1, single, injection. Within 10 days I had severe fatigue and within 24 hours I had a cough. The extreme fatigue is now gone. I feel "normal" except I have had this cough about 6 days now. I skipped my Humira dose (due 4 days ago). The cough is "dry" and non-productive. I feel a "tickle" mostly in the evenings and when I lay down to sleep. I have a sore throat but only after I am done coughing. No fever. No chills. Still going to work.

I am sick of trying to make work "work" with making MD appointments. I know many will suggest "see your MD", but I am more interested what is the "threshold" for pulling the trigger and seeing an MD. Do you all make an appointment for any "sore throat" or "cough"? I see my rheum in a couple of weeks anyway...

My understanding is any sign of infection, including a fever. But this is something new, and sounds like it’s lasting. That always deserves at least a call to the doctor.

Are you skipping your Humira dose without first talking to your doctor? If so, VERY BAD IDEA! Biologics need to be treated with utmost respect.

Find an antihistamine that's safe to take with your other meds. You had sinusitis. You have a mild cough. "Tickle" in your throat, especially when lying down. Normal temperature. That, to me, all adds up to allergies. Dry up your nose and you won't feel it trickling ("tickling") down your throat.

I've been allergic to pine pollen for the last 30 years or so. At first, I would think I was coming down with a cold. Then, My GP showed me how to deal with allergies, and I've only had a cold about 4 times in all these years. I only see a doctor if I have a fever. That usually spells some type of infection.

By the way, I live in New Caney, TX. Whereabouts is Colleyville?

Thanks for your comments.

After reading more online, I believe I have a stomach ulcer and/or esophagitis. I am going to get this checked out ASAP. I have been on Mobic (NSAID) for over a year now. That plus steroid equals "high risk" for peptic ulcers. Immunosuppression equals high risk of esophagitis.

The combination of sulfasazine and NSAIDs is brutal. I found that combo to be more brutal MTX and NSAIDs. My stomach gave out in two months. My throat was so sore in the morning. My blood work showed minor anemia - well within the normal range for sulfasazine. I woke up one night with acid in mouth. It took about three weeks of 40 mg omeprazol to get rid of my throat problem. Well good luck with your appointment.