Humira and Sinus/Upper Resp. Infections, Boy I'm In Trouble

Met with the Rhuemy June 4th. Had the discussion about treatment which he focused on Humira. During the Humira conversation he mentioned that the drug lowers your imunity. My wife and I looked at each other knowing that the relationship between sinus inf.'s and I is symbiotic. I didn't even get out of the month. I was at the nearby "Immediate Care" clinic earlier today. Diagnosis, sinus infection, so stuffed up and can barely swallow. Heaven help me!

So sorry to hear this!!! Have you explored the cause of recurrent sinus infections? There are many things that can cause them and many can be treated.

The immune system lowering factor is one that freaks me out at times. I have five kids, take care of other people's children, and we're frequently out and about exploring the world (of germs! LOL).

I personally think Buickboy that you should post your travel schedule (including destinations,flight number, and routes if driving) as well as any lottery number you may choose so that we can ALL avoid those things. Nor would I want to be on a plane with you or the same road and I would be afraid ofa flash flood in death valley if you were there. and certainly would never want to have any lottery numbers in common. If you didn't have bad luck, I'm afraid you wouldn't have any luck. There is only a few frequent side effects with Humira (lowered immune system isn't as significant as it sounds in reality) Sinus infections are one of them.

At the first sign of green snot, call the doc. Hopefuly you will get enough relief from the humira green won't be a "bad" color for you. I'm not sure if other biologics have Sinus infections as a listed side effect..... (might be worth a discussion if it occurs way more often than usual, if they are frequent anyway in your world a few more might not be a really big thing.....

Lamb you crack me up. Your dry sense of humor is refreshing. I don't want to come of as paranoid in taking biôlogic meds. I am far more afraid of the pain & damage that the disease can do. During the conversation with my Rheumy he stated that history of illness has to be taken into account in how he handles treatment. Hope and pray that you and others that are in the grasp of PsA are having a comfortable day!

Hi BuickBoy,

I can't take biologics because I have an IGA deficiency. IGA is the main immune response for your lungs and sinuses. I was lucky that I knew about my deficiency before I tried a biologic.

The only reason I knew about the IGA was it was just one of the things a doctor had tested me for years ago in my quest to find out my bigger problem...which was PsA. Stay well!

Hi BuickBoy,

I had great success using a neti pot and a daily Clairitin to almost completely eliminate my recurrent sinus infections. I went from every-other-month infections to once-every-couple-of-years. Of course, this doesn't work for everyone but if you haven't tried a neti pot, it is worth a shot!

Good luck with the sinuses and the Humira!


Years before I was diagnosed with PsA I was a 4 to 7 times a year sinus infection sufferer. Four years ago my wife then girlfriend bought me a neti pot. The first year I used it on a regular basis twice a day when I would feel that fuzz in the back of my throat and it would usually wipe ot the sinus infection before full blown. I would also use it after I was around my trigger things like after gong into an attic or being around trim carpenters sawing and sanding all day or even after cutting the grass or just spending a long day outside. After the first year of regular usage and since I don’t have to use it but when I feel one coming on and that is only once or twice a year and have only had one or two full blown infections since.The neti pot is very worth a shot. It feels weird and sound gross but for someone who suffers the wrath of sinus infections I would recommend it every time. Hope you have the success I did. Another note my family doctor was upset with me for using it after I told him I was. Of course he was not having me pay for drs visits as much so I imagin he would be upset.