Bruise under nail!?!?

After my last infusion I got what looked to be a bruise under my big toe nail. At first I thought I had dropped something and didn't realize it... but it never hurt and I don't remember dropping anything. So, I waited 4 weeks.. it was still there, so I called the Dr.,he said unless it spread to other nails or got worse not to worry about it... 4 more weeks went by, it was still there.. just had an infusion last week and showed him.. (now its been 8 weeks) he still says it's nothing... Has anyone else had this?!?!? And, if so, is it nothing or something to worry about? LOL

Toenails grow really slowly, so it could take quite some time to grow out. It could have bled if the nail separated from the skin, and now it's just stuck there.

I lost a big toe nail a couple of years ago for no good reason. It is really common with PsA to get funky nails, damaged nail beds and all kinds of toenail weirdness in general.I would pain your nails a lovely rich deep color and hide the bruise. It might help you forget about it and you'll be ready for flip-flop season!

LOL thanks! I had googled it and it had said something about inflammation under the nail without treatment could cause you to lose your toe… So I just wanted to make sure that no one else had that issue!