Being sick with PsA

So it has finally happened! when my doctor started me on MTX and Humira he gave me instructions to stay away from sick people! well I have 5 kids and I am sorry but I can stay away from them and all the crappy stuff they bring home, well we have so far had a wonderful winter no colds or coughs or flu but about a week ago my youngest daughter got sick and since then it has been a domino effect and after 2 weeks of sick kids and husbands I felt like maybe I had gotten lucky and wasnt going to get sick........well i was WRONG and now I am so sick i cant believe it....I am in so much pain all over I cant sleep or eat or breath and yesterday was mtx day and today is humira day so that is going to weaken my immune system evem more.

What makes this worse is a week from today I am supposed to be boarding a plane and flying to visit my friend whom I havent seen in over 6 years and has a brand new baby so my question has 2 parts......

A. are there any tricks or tips that any of you have found that helps to get you feeling better again and

B. are there any tricks or tips you can give me for flying in a plane and traveling with psa

thanks sorry for the rambaling!