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Hi I’m new forgive me if I’m not up on how this all works. I am curious about how people w young kids deal with psa. I’m also looking for support etc
My latest situation is I have a 4 yo and she is in preschool and sick with all sorts of stuff all the time… my dr wanted me to try mtx inj but need to wait until I was over a virus because I need to avoid being sick?!
I get it but I have a 4 year old!
The nurse suggested I don’t kiss my kid when she is sick and keep a tidy sanitized home hahahah

Half the time I get sick from kids you don’t even know it then bam your wishing u didn’t let them drink from you etc.

Anyone who can shed some light on this topic or any parents of young ones who juggle please reply I’m terrified to start and not to start. My entire left side of my body is swollen and hurts bad but I also know better and the nurse must not have kids is all I can assume.
Have a good one
Erica :wink:

I forgot to say is it really serious when you get sick on mtx I’m getting very brief answered from dr office in regard to this

I was diagnosed when my daughter started kindergarten and my son was under a year old. I didn’t get onto the “serious” meds until my son was in preschool. As has always been the case in my house, my husband picks up far more illnesses from the kids than I do. When I get sick, it’s nothing horrrible typically. When the kids are babies through preschool age seems to be the worst of it, in terms of the kids bringing home serious germs. We joke about family germs, as I can rarely even get through dinner without my son sharing my drink with me.

I wouldn’t go nuts. Continue kissing your kid, and use normal precautions when anyone is sick. Wash your hands often, soap and water. There are only two things that make me go nuts - pink eye and stomach bugs.

Btw, by serious meds I mean MTX, then switched off to leflunomide, then added in a biologic.

Oh my word! Did the nurse offer to come round & do the cleaning? Glad you can laugh about it!

People do have different experiences with Mtx but many of us seem to stay ‘well’ (apart from the PsA). Perhaps it’s because the immune system continues to run a little high … I get very few infections or bugs, probably fewer than ever since I’ve been on DMARDs. I don’t meet many small kids but I take very few precautions. The only thing I’m a little more careful about is food preparation but then that always was the one area in which I even vaguely resembled a ‘good housekeeper’ and it’s more to do with being on Humira than concerns about Mtx.

You should be closely monitored with regular blood tests while taking Mtx which does mean that any issues should be picked up quickly. I think some practitioners are ultra cautious when patients are starting the drug. The only way you’ll ever know whether you’re one of the many who stay resistant to infections is to give it a try.

I started MTX when my little one was two. Never had more infections on it (or any other drugs, except steroids) than without.

My Rheumy’s advice is that it’s NOT that you stop it with any old cold or virus, (and whose not going to kiss their kids!), but there are certain bacterial infections, and serious viruses, like the flu, measles, chickenpox, that require you to get prompt treatment with antibiotics and / or stop the dose.

My Rheumy generally lets me plough through taking MTX, biologics, whatever, unless it is something serious. I have had Dengue (the second time, which has about 10% incidence of haemorrahic fever - thankfully I didn’t get that!), Salmonella, any number of non-descript third world tummy bugs, and bacterial bronchitis on MTX (plus or minus a biologic).

Given the life I was living, these were, ahem, environmental infections - not from any of the medications I was taking.

i will admit, I always carried antibiotics, and as soon I was sure it was a likely bacterial tummy bug I wasn’t shy with them.

None of those were fun, but with the exception of the flu and the bacterial bronchitis (which took us a while to figure out), I wasn’t any sicker or for any longer than anyone else.

From what I’ve read, a very small percentage of people can get unusual bacterial infections that can become very serious - but it is a small proportion (you’d need to read the stiudies, but my memory is less than 1%. I haven’t had this experience and don’t know personally anyone who has, so I’m not sure if it is a susceptiblilty issue or how quickly / insistently you seek treatment at the start.

You’ve already had some great suggestions (general hygiene etc - and don’t stop kissing your kids!), but also, fear the disease, not the meds. The serious side effects are very rare, and the quality of life you can regain can be truly magical :grinning:

I love the advice guys thanks so much. I forgot to mention my four year old is ADHD and high functioning Autism Sectrum Disorder so I have my hands full and am truly her main support even when I feel like I’m gonna fall apart.

I am under a lot of stress but maybe that would be better from less stress of the pain and swelling.
I love the encouragement and helpful tips :slight_smile:

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Welcome to our group. I’m going to echo what’s already been said: don’t overthink this or overreact. We have many members who are on disease modifying drugs and who work as nurses and teachers, and lots of us are parents and grandparents. Just take normal precautions: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, don’t share utensils with a child who has the raging flu. And most of all, live your life. If you catch something and you don’t get over it in what you’d consider to be a normal time frame, call your doctor. Isn’t that just common sense?

It’s important that you be the fittest and healthiest that you can be for your family. This disease can damage your joints, and generally make your life miserable. Taking normal precautions is no biggie in comparison!

All the best getting and staying well!