Sick of being sick.. :(

On mtx injections… just finished dose of 12.5 now up to 15… all goin well! ‘‘Feeling better’’ but keep catching all crap of the day. Only just back 2work at start of July after being off 3 weeks with chest infection… first ever chest infection. I was meant 2take first dose of 15 yest…but couldn’t as im completely ill from last Thurs - fri… with what appears to be a bad cold… These 5 odd days in…im feeling worse… not better :frowning:
Anyone any suggestions? Extra vitamins…? Something? I can’t afford 2keep getting sick… &having 2take time off work! :frowning:

I'm not on MTX, but Enbrel is weakening my immune system. My rheumy will recheck my white blood cell count in September and he said if it's any lower than it was in June, he'll take me off Enbrel.

Is your doctor watching your white blood cell count ?

Anyway, I got strep throat this weekend and my primary care doctor put me on 10 days of penicillin. No family members have strep, so I have no clue how I got it other than I walked through the ER Friday with my mom! I had no close contact with anyone. It's pretty annoying catching something like that when I typically never catch anything! The doctor checked my WBCs and they are up from fighting the strep, which is a good thing.

I honestly don't know what would be worse, dealing with the pain and discomfort of Ps and PsA or catching all kinds of infections!

(Also, I had been taking vitamins plus extra C and I always take 2,000 mg of Ultimate Omega fish oil every day. These should boost my immune system, but I guess they're not working too well.)

Hi thanks for reply! Some good info… my bloods r done regularly &the mtx doesn’t really appear to be effecting another major except bringing inflammation levels down! :slight_smile: which is a good thing… I had to ring in sick this AM to work as I physically couldn’t make it in as I’ve been vomiting from yest tea time. Tho funny thing is I was half dressed for work &still vomiting before I stopped &thought… ‘‘what r u doing??’’ My docs has gave me course of penicillin as i’ve a septic throat & gastroenteritis :frowning: least it’s not chest infection! :slight_smile: tho when I rang my manager back to inform work I wouldn’t be in rest of week now… i work on a ward of busy hospital… took abit of a dim view as I was told the medical review board won’t take a light view that you’re off again…
Thing is… I don’t want to be sick!!! I want to be in work… &I certainly didn’t ask to have a weaker immune system thanks to taking mtx whereas I catch someone’s ‘‘sniffle’’ & im floored for week r more! :frowning:
I do take multi vitamin, calcium, omega 369… tho I may have 2 up my vitamin C intake!
Sorry abit of a rant…I just needed to vent especially now at thought of being brought before medical panal…

Hi Newbie, oh yuck--there's no way I'd go to work throwing up! You made the right choice! The penicillin is making my stomach queezy, but not throwing up. I can't miss work today through Friday and Monday is mandatory, too. The penicillin isn't working as well as it should have by now--my throat is still red and sore and my neck glands are swollen.

You're best to take it easy today--you wouldn't want a relapse of that chest infection! Nobody understands what we're going through. I argued with my daughter yesterday--I couldn't get through to her how scary it is to worry about getting PsA symptoms, getting a bad infection, my whole life turned upside down if that happens--and she's a nurse!!!

Good luck! I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Thanks Grandma J! I hope tomorrow is good for both of us :slight_smile: yeah I find even nurses can b very sceptical of PsA… I’ve even had a GP say to me once ‘‘you have arthritis? R u sure??’’ Hmm…pretty sure! Well…im dreading goin back to work next week now encase im called before the board to ‘explain’ my sick leave… :frowning: