I wish this was all just a bad dream!

MTX night was Tuesday and since then I have gone downhill big time!!! my entire body is sore and swollen, ive felt sick and weak constantly and this cough is really killing my back! i cant even remember a time when my body was pain free, I really shouldnt complain because i know it could be so much worse but then sometimes i feel like i slip into a major depression moment and cry and ask myself could this get any worse? i just feel like i am never going to get any better and i will always be missing out on life because of my PsA. But then tonight when i felt at my lowest my 9 year old son Adrian snuggled in bed next to me and told me that he hopes i feel better and that he loved me and how great of a mommy i was, it was just what i needed in that moment so now i am trying to keep my head up and make it to Monday morning when i get to see my doctor again and hopefully start Humira!!!

fingers crossed! prayers sent out to all of you who are dealing with PsA.

*gentle hugs* I am so sorry!!! It sucks!!! It feels so hopeless. But there are good days coming for you - just know it. Please do not give up hope yet. It is so easy to get discouraged - and Humira will take some time to kick in but with every dose you know you are closer to relief. Been there and and I am so sorry you are at your lowest. My heart goes out to you, amueller! PsA is EVIL. You are in my thoughts. So glad you have your little boy to remind you that you are an amazing person despite the disease, and to encourage you to keep going despite the pain. We all need that encouragement in our lowest moments! What a wonderful gift. :) Best of luck on Monday at the doctor, again. :D