Last night I threw caution to the wind!.......I went out on a leaving do for a colleague and friend.

I'm so cautious most of the time, doing what I can to minimize the effects of my conditions and balance work, illness, family, exercise, life in general, that I think I often forget about "me" and what "me" would rather do.........

Oh dear! the pictures on FB do tell a tale! I will spare you the details but I had a fantastic night, danced too much (pole included) sang too much, and boy! Did I drink too much!

And yes, I am paying the price today........but it was well worth it. My feet maybe twice their normal size, and I won't discuss the pain because I know it's self inflicted, but my heart is light :)

So, with the amount of alcohol consumed, I will not be taking my MTX today. I have a week annual leave in which to recover and be a good girl again, exercise right, eat right, take my meds is the bargain I make.......

I wonder who else does this?

How do others bargain with their disease/condition?

Am I wrong to do so? (I know this question is a loaded gun, but hey! this is a discussion after all)

Hey Louis,

I’ll keep it down so I don’t aggravate your hangover. I don’t think you bargained. I think you lived. You lived like you used to without consideration for your disease. Of course there are potential and real consequences (some of which you’re already experiencing) but you chose to live a little and be Louise. Not Louise with PSA. Good for you. You are usually so on top of your illness and symptoms. And everyone needs to have a moment when they can abandon reality (dance like no one’s watching–with or without the pole). When such lively nights happen less than 1% of the time and not on most days, it is hard to take issue with having fun. If this were a more common occurrence then you might experience an MTX-related finger-wagging. I am firmly in your corner (and on your pole) on this escapade.

(Cover your ears …) Standing ovation for that performance, Louise! I’m so glad that you were able to cut loose and have fun last night. You and your liver will recover, and meanwhile you’ve got memories (and pictures? tee hee) to commemorate the occasion.

Because the summer is officially over, on this side of the Atlantic anyway, it may be too late to enter Lamb’s contest. I think you are or would have been a worthy contender –…

You’ve made me smile! Have a good and quiet Sunday.

Link to the pole pictures please..........

Thanks for the support guys, I can only let 2 pics of the night survive as, well, let's just say in my minds eye I thought I looked good with my "beer glasses" on, so that's the way I intend to remember it lol, all evidence removed. But I must say I found a good drinks holder!

I would like to add for those who don't know me well..........this is not my normal behaviour and although I will always advocate for toeing the line as far as following docs orders..........some times a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

When you're well enough for fun, grab it with both hands!

Oh Louise you look MARVELOUS! Good for you. I have never pole danced but I bet I would be good at it! Well, after reviving my husband who would be out cold! I must say I think I could at least "hold" a double! Hehehehe... Good for you. I was proud I made it to church today but you have out done us and give us something to am for next weekend!

Love it Louise!! I’m so glad you had such a rockin time!! Sometimes we all just have to let loose!! :smiley:

Lol! Well the old pole dancing is not to be recommended unless you like pics of your dirty washing and thunder thighs on view, but that's my own fault for thinking I'm 25 not getting on for 52 ;)

As I was such a big hit I've been told I'm now going to be performing at "Pink Punters" next month! I really need to be working with older people who just want to go and play bingo for a fun night out.

Ah Louise, I’d love to see your FB page!!! It sounds like so much fun :slight_smile:

Do other people do this, well I do, more often than not (but then I’m on a good biologic that allows me to do so and only need a day or two of crash after…) actually not the pole dancing. But maybe I should try it for my 40th next year?? Tee hee!!

I know I should be more sensible. Its just that, well, its not as much fun :slight_smile:

Personally, I think it sounds like you had a great time (and a week off to recover - now that is sensible and a trick I need to remember!)

Well as far as bargaining goes, I think you got an excellent deal. You'll remember that night long after your feet have gone down. You've inspired me to throw caution to the wind and try a hobble on the wild side next time I go out.

Well done!! If we can’t let loose every now and again life would be way too boring and sad!! I totally get it and do it too! I am at the age where all my friends are getting married and turning 30 so every other month there is some party I ‘have’ to attend ;). And then I just embrace it. And yeah I also know that every shooter means a bit more pain the next day but as you say you need to bargain and then be a bit more sensible the next day to recover as fast possible. Glad you had a great time!!!

Lol Sybil, see that’s the trouble, you look at something (like a pole) and think I wonder if…
A couple of years ago I surprised everyone when out on a walk in the country, I did a perfect vault off the gate! To see a row of opened mouths left me chuckling all day. Yes I was sober I hasten to add :slight_smile: There used to be a “Renal Review” every couple of years, where we dressed up did skits songs etc. Me and my mate did a Blues Brothers number complete with me cartwheeling across the stage. To see colleagues gobsmacked was hilarious. I had always kept it quiet that I studied dance for many years, did a Gang Show with the venture scouts during my late teens, and was “sporty”. Some of it stays with you and I do get mad moments where I see if I can still “do it”

Love it Louise, especially the "cup holder". So glad you were feeling well enough to have a good time. I think it's something we should all do when we can!