Can i ask if anyone else out there is on Azathioprine. I was on MTX for PsA but was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis last month and my Hepatologist took me off MTX. Said it was bad for liver. Now on high dose Prednisolone and Azathioprine. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this for PsA?

Hi, sorry just saw your post! I was on Azathioprine for about 2 1/2 months until I got AZATHIOPRINE HEPATITIS!!! Had to go off all meds until I got a clear liver function test. It was the 5th drug we trialled- all made me feel ill but the azathioprine was the only one that made me REALLY ill. I'm now waiting to be approved for the biologics. I'm so scared about the drugs & my liver now. Good luck!

Thanks…i’ll keep a close eye on my liver blood results…so far so good…both my daughter and father had to stop this drug too. It’s bizzare, i’ve been put on it for my liver! Rheumy says it’s ok for PsA but not even first or second choice but not allowed anything else because of autoimmune liver disease. Good luck with the biologics…hope they work :slight_smile:

Oh, does PSA run in your family? I'm glad your not having probs with the Azt! Actually, I felt almost normal on it joint & pain wise until I got really ill & had to stop it. Interestingly, my specialist said I can nEVER go on it again because of my liver! Goes to show- different strokes for different folks.

Hi i’m the only one with PsA…my father had RA …he died from rheumatoid lung 6 years ago and my daughter has Lupus…so autoimmune conditions run in family. My father had to stop Aza because it suppressed his bone marrow but was good for joints but my daughter had to stop because of too low neutrophils and it did nothing for her joints. Think we all respond to the different drugs in different ways.