Methotrexate and Humira and Liver Tests elevated

I've been on 8 metho pills a week for over a year. Then they added humira every other week. The methotrexate did wonders - it was just not quite where the doctor wanted my symptoms, so he added the humira. Two months ago one of the liver test came back slightly off and he said not to worry about it. In May both liver tests were slightly elevated so he decreased the metho to 6 pills a week. I can already tell a little bit of the soreness has come back in my finger & wrist joints, but it isn't too bad. Here's my question: (and I did talk to the doctor about my concerns).

I take meds for diabetes which affect your liver

cholesteral meds which affect your liver (only take because if you are diabetic the practically force you to take these!)

and now these meds which affect your liver.

Anyone know if the humira affects the liver too? What options do I have if I have to go off methotrexate all together? The doctor told me to come back in July for more liver tests. Guess I just need any advice. Thanks!

There has been a bunch of research (Europe) regarding the MTX/Humira combo and they have found it is 40 -60% MORE effective than just one or the other alone. BUT the initial studies did show an increase in ALT/AST levels. They haven't determined (yet) whether it is the MTX, the Humira, or the Combo.

I assume if you are diabetic, you are on a "liver healthy diet" so that can't help you take some heat off. But you may want to ask about the cholesterol meds...... Thee are some that have less effect on the liver, and more recent studies have shown they really aren't all that effective for some kinds of High cholesterol, as well as some times high cholesterol is a "normal" for folks with other medical conditions. I guess if I had to choose between controlling the PsA or possibly controlling something that may possibly cause a problem (that can be diagnosed and treated if it does occur. I'd have to have a long talk with my whole team. I suspect i know what I would decide.

If MTX is off your list there are other Biologics effective as mono-therapies, so your options aren't completley limited. Sounds like you have a doc on top of things, with your multiple medical problems though I would be looking for a "super doc" to act as a case manager....... You are likley to get a pretty skewed perspective from each of your specialists.

Oh one other thing, there are a number of studies suggesting typeII diabetes can be directly linked to PsA. Is it possible control of one would lead to control of the other???

Thanks for the replies! I have never heard of a "liver healthy diet" and I've been a type 2 since 1996. I am overweight and trying to lose weight. I found an online site "" that allows me to watch my calories and my carbs. The carbs are kind of high, so I talked to a dietician and she said I could up the protein and lower the carbs and still be ok.

Is losing weight the best course if you have fatty liver? I've never been diagnosed with that, but I have heard of it.

I'm so glad to know there are other options if I need them. My doctor just added meloxicam for some other pain I'm having and he didn't say anything about stopping that since I just started. Guess we'll see what he says in July. He didn't tell me my numbers.

My A1C was running 6.5 and that was ok with my doctor and since I went off one of my meds, he said it might go up over 7, but for the short term while I'm losing weight, he said he was ok with that.

Again thanks for the advice!

For a great overview of a liver healthy diet, see:

You can do it!

Don't try to do it too fast or all at once though. You will feel awful if you liver de-tox too quickly. Try the healthy eating, with liver lovin' foods, then eliminate caffeine, then cut back on refined sugars... you'll end up feeling great, and will likely lose unwanted pounds. Good luck!