Fatty liver

I went to my GP today and my liver number was slightly elivated like one over the “recommended range”. She wasn’t concerned that much and said something about a little fatty liver. My chloresterol is high and we are working at getting that down by diet for now. I go to my rhuemy next month. Could the methotrexate cause fatty liver? I know my gp has a few patients with PsA but I don’t know really how much she understands about it.

You can be pretty certain that your GP understands what a metabolic panel is. ANY medicine, many supplements, and herbs will raise liver levels. The numbers in a metabolic panel take a back seat to the ratios of the different electrolytes. There is about 20 other things to consider as well. Time of day exercise level before test, who the lab is and on the list goes.

I can't wait to talk to my rheumy about fatty liver syndrome. He never mentioned it to me. But after research on the internet I ran into the information. I too have elevated liver enzymes after taking low doses of methotrexate for only 3 months. I am fat, so FLS isn't a stretch, but I wonder why he never mentioned it to me on my last visit as a reason for elevated liver ez, or told me I had FLS after my baseline labs, cause I guess they can tell. High cholesterol, yes ma'am. High BP, yep. I've lost 15 lbs since my last visit. I'd hoped for 20 but I'll take 15. My foot is recovering, so I am hoping to get back in the gym and continue to get in better shape. Let us know what is happening. I am very interested what your GP says. We can compare notes! ha

With fatty liver, The ratio of AST:ALT <1 There is usually no concern until the numbers are twice normal

The first thing you need to know when taking drugs…

Forget all the side effects, but never forget the side effects.

It’s good to be aware of the side effects (in case something happens), but don’t dwell on the fact.

I’m sure he doesn’t want to give unnecessary anxiety by giving you detail information about the drug pitfalls. Just monitor your condition and feelings and if anything is alarming call the nurse.