ALT very high

Help, just been told to stop the meth as had a blood test with ALT at 680 today! Normally my results are ok now I’m on 25mg (kept getting 60-80 results every time I tried a higher dose for more than a couple of months)
Doc said not to take my dose this weekend and call consultant on Monday but I’m really concerned now

Sorry meant on 15 not 25

What drug caused this? I had a similar thing with Remicade. It doesn’t happen to everyone but I did not do well with that drug.

I also got a lupus like syndrome and was very ill. Sorry you’re dealing with this, make sure you are your own advocate. Continue to update your Dr. And don’t be afraid to check with a liver Dr. too., gastro? I think, or your PCP. I was surprised by how ill I became with liver in trouble. Don’t want you to get lost in the system.

680 is high but nothing to lose sleep over yet. Very High is in the thousands. An increase like this is not uncommon with PsA patients and generally returns to normal pretty quickly. The ration with the AST is what most rheumies will look at A single dose of antibiotics can cause that kind of increase as can even a couple of advil or a bad cold. Remember the enzymes are what makes the liver filter. Its not a problem until the test repeats high several times.


Thanks both:slight_smile:
At my last liver scan they found polyps on my gallbladder, which although they said it wasn’t a problem, is always in the back of mind with liver/stomach related problems.
PsA is a never ending unpredictable nightmare unfortunately