High liver stuff specifically the ALT(SGPT)

I've had a lifetime of NSAID's and / or narcotics combined with Tylenol without a problem, but I've been on Arava for 6 months now. I'm concerned that's causing liver problems.

I want to be on top of this right away, I can't deal with one more problem. I'm planning to stop the Arava, but I know it hangs about in the body forever. I'm not waiting for my dr. because he thinks nothing of my tests being low or high, only if they are in the red alert zone.

In case anyone has insights, I have tests from last year, and a month ago, with completely average ALT(SGPT) levels. I just got the results from a blood draw last week, and the numbers are 51 (normal range 0-46). My previous numbers for the past few years I have results for is a range between 19-26.


Thanks in advance!

Don't know anything Arava...what NSAID were you on, and why did you stop taking it?

I've been on all the NSAID's at one time or another. I had to quit after I had an internal bleed and almost bled out 10 yrs ago. I was on one or another NSAID for 21 yrs as my main treatment. After the bleed I switched over to Acetaminaphen (Tylenol) based medications, and that combined with narcotics for pain relief. So I've had many years where either of those could have wrecked my liver. The only new thing is the Arava (similar to MTX)

I was talking to my husband and he reminded me of my 6 disastrous weeks on Xeljanz. I guess that could result in elevated liver enzymes. Sigh.

So far in the past 2 weeks I've had a diabetes scare (tested negative with a more thorough test), had a mammogram and got called back for an ultrasound on both sizes (3 areas of concern), that was all clear, and today I opened my mail to find lab results with doubled liver enzymes. In 2 weeks I'm doing a stress test at the cardiologist because I feel faint a lot and everything else has been ruled out. I feel like my body is falling apart on me. I'm only 41!!

I am so sorry Marietta. I know how scary health issues can be. My liver functions do bump up to the 50-60 range but it has never been much of an issue for me. I do not know what it means for you as a physician will need to look at all factors. But know sometimes it is not as bad as it sounds. It usually means I can't have wine 2-3 month but other than that it requires no treatment to return to normal quickly for me. I hope it is so for you. <3.

I know, Marietta, it’s a worry, isn’t it. I’m on Arava and, although I can’t remember exactly, my numbers run about the same as yours, slightly above normal. Doc has explained this to me as being in the “yellow” zone: not dangerously high, but needs to be watched. The danger range she mentioned to me was double the normal values, and I believe she said 80, so that sounds right given the reference range you mention of 0-46.
Still, it’s worrying. I’m not happy on Arava, mostly because I cannot enjoy a glass of wine while taking it. We were on a cruise in the fall and they had lovely wines in by-the-glass dispensers. I chose one 70 mL shot (a bit more than a 1/4 cup) for dinner each night. Sure enough, when I got home and had my blood drawn, my numbers had spiked and I had to confess and quit. I mean, quit the line. I really don’t like walking on the AST/ALT cliff, when so little can put me over. I am still on Arava because my rheumy thinks it is helping (I don’t) and she says I’m not severe enough for a biologic. I have tried all the other DMARDs. I’m kind of in a corner. And I don’t like this corner!

I am using tummeric in whatever food I can. It detoxifies your Liver. Tummeric is also anti inflammatory, increase fat metabolism, accelerates skin repair and anti cancer. There is a longer list about its healing properties but these are the main ones which are a concern to me People living in India have been using this in their food for thousands of years and they also use it in healing.

I use Tummeric too. I put it in soup, spaghetti, lots of things! I am not sure if it helps but it can't harm and it tastes good!

I take 6 omega 3 supplements each day to fight inflammation. And the supplements I take are the most powerful I could find: 2.8 g of marine lipid concentrate, 860 mg EPA, 580 mg DHA and 80 mg of other fatty acids.

I take 800. Mg of turmeric tablets a day along with the rest of my supplements and meds. It takes many months for the supplement regime to kick in so do not get discouraged. Always check with your doctor before adding new stuff.

Cooper, where did you find such hi-potency capsules?

Cooper s said:

I take 6 omega 3 supplements each day to fight inflammation. And the supplements I take are the most powerful I could find: 2.8 g of marine lipid concentrate, 860 mg EPA, 580 mg DHA and 80 mg of other fatty acids.