What happened?

The with the discussion was deleted, but I did get a few sentences from each responder on my e-mail. People shouldn't be leaving this community - it's a "support group."

I think we need to fix this so it doesn't happen again.


BlueFairy started the discussion "Please delete my account." on Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) - Online Support Group

I haven't found the support I needed. Thanks.

There is little to be fixed. her second post was a critique of each

of the responses to her initial post. she deemed as I recall six of the eight as not helpful or what she was looking for. Today it was suggested by several posters that if she was having difficukty caring for her children and home and did not have time or money for counseling or working on her Marriage, it would not be any easier as a single parent. Several resources were pointed out to her. In an international community of folks with widley varying experiences and lfe philosophies you WILL hear things that don't match what you want or expect. I can count on one hand the number of times any poster has meant to give offense.(and its been dealt with immediatly) Sometimes the things you don't want to hear are exactly the things you need to hear.

The simple fact is the valu of what you recieve from a support group is directly proportional to what you contribute.

FWIW she deleted her thread, and her request to have her account eliminated ( as oppsed to cooling off and continuing her discussion) resulted in her thread poofing..... Once you are gone eveything goes with you./p>

I never saw the post so I am coming to the party late bit one thing I know from being a public school teacher for 14 years- you are never going to be able to satisfy everyone. Period. My experience on the site has been nothing but supportive and supporting , and life-changing. Lamb’s comments are the best. He is comforting but keeps it real. Everyone brings their own experiences to the discussions. I’m not saying anything negative about the person who left; I never even saw the post! But once I was upset because an angry parent of a student was mean to me, for lack of a better word (verbally abusive??). My principal at the time reassured me that I did nothing wrong and told me this, words that I refer to over and over in my life to this day, “You can’t rationalize with irrational people.” I’m sure she wasn’t irrational, but maybe this group wasn’t what she was looking for and she realized it and left.