Quick Report

Living With PsA during January passed the two thousand member mark. Like most online support groups, not all of our members remain active after they visit. But of our over 2,000 members, over 600 logged in the past month. People drift away for a variety of reasons and we understand that. Some are doing better and no longer feel a need to be in close touch. Others are struggling with daily life and physically unable to spend time in front of a computer screen we get that too. Most online groups would be thrilled with this level of participation as are we.

We have a diverse membership, and we have a diverse leadership. Thats what makes this place so special. Given that diverse membership, I never cease to be amazed just how well we all get along. It is impossible for those differences to not pop up from time to time. Differences in style, understanding and perception always will crop up. Thank you all for handeling it so well. I'm we have all had times where we have all been upset with someone about something.

But those difference aside we want to make sure that if there is something we can do to make your experience better and your needs better met, that you let us know. Your mod team is in constant contact with each other even when personal needs force us to take some time off. I'm sure each of us has someone on the mod team the best identify with. We have tried hard to make sure there is. Please let that person know what we can do to make things better.

We are working on a couple of projects as we speak. At the top of the list we are putting together a group for young folk. Age is relative, but mid twenties down. This will be a closed group to make sure saftey and privacy for these young folks is primary. We will need help finding members and getting the word out. Please contact any of us to help.

Bens Friends is planning on adding several new communities in the near future. Please pass on any suggestions you may have for "rare diseases" that are being under served or not served and we will make sure the right people are made aware.

Thank you again for making this such a special place

I would lost if not for this site... it keeps me sane .. ty sooo much


What Karen said. Absolutely.

Karen said:

I would lost if not for this site… it keeps me sane … ty sooo much